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    voice chat

    I m wonder if anyone uses ventrilo here. Anybody has got a server for ventrilo 3.x? Or anyone would like to use ventrilo voice chat in game?
  2. You ppl talk like you can have all expert skills but true is that you can have only 1 expert 4/4 so stop blabering that druid has2 heals 3 stuns and op attack skills .
  3. I hate ppl like him he plays best dueling class even dont have to think just simple click on enemy and he says how good he is bullshit Mc you got op shaman warlock and rouge i dont know about other classes anyway stop meowing. We talk about weak classes not wich faction is dumper.
  4. Yes you are very right but take under your mind that with mace = low magick banner wont deal much dmg. And if you think pala should use push back ability then your pala tactic is run away tactic. If you mean it then yes pala can be awsome char in running away
  5. I play only paladin and only one usable expert skill is banner wich is shit at swamp for example cuz you make all mobs kill you so stop blabering bulshit if you know crap about pala.
  6. Lol does anyone thinks about the skills he implements? Pala will push back the enemy? Or just help runner run faster lol. This is joke! Make that shield strike stun enemy. And y shield strike? All pala uses spear now. Devs know how to break game.
  7. dear devs how can you do update and not check all problems before you run it? this is noobish
  8. so is the palas skill combo with feters? if not its the shitest skill :(
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