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  1. I say that lowering items repair costs will make happy everyone , especialy new starters...they die a lot and hard for them at the start to farm.. This itmes are breaking very fast...so you must pay a lot... 400gold at least...depends on how bad is damaged and if is a green or normal item i think...lowering the repair price will help us a lot. Thanks!
  2. All solved guys ! Dont need to hate eachother. We talked whit awwww today and all ok. We will not attack you guys when you make quests and you dont attak us when we do quests. Hemp is crazy he likes to pvp , on aoho is the same. We are good guys. Sorry for all the problems that we caused!
  3. Yes is fixed because they removed previsious update warspear.pak.1 (1.7Mega) and replaced whit this of 70kb. Im not sure is im right but this is my quess:) Anyway now they have time to make revision and fix bugs. One less complain gone ,no more sound problem. Till next update hope that all we will be happy:) new skills ,bug fixes etc etc. They are not machines, they are humans like us,lets not forget this. Im sure they are doing all the possible to make us happy. We just need to wait a bit coz this games is at his evolution start :)
  4. We started it you are right...i think two days ago when we mass killed you guys and especially awwwww....but i will talk whit my friends and tell them to not attack when you do quests or in shop! Im sorry if we caused you problems. We are new noobs around here. But awww seems a nice person. So if they dont attack you guys when do quests ...you guys dont attack them. Hope we all get along :)
  5. Hello there ! Here is my suggestion : Put the server in www.xtremetop100.com or other sites for voting....Or better introduce a vote reward system...giving gold for votes or other things..... And like this i hope that will have more players in here fast. On oher tipes of games work why shouldnt work in here? Only thing we need to do is vote everyday! Pace
  6. plagu3

    HELLO! :)

    Hello to all warspear community! My name is jojo , i have a week since i started , and im really impressed about this game but still many bugs like every game starting. Me and my friends like to pvp ,we camed from aoho. Hope we all get along! Im glad to be part of this community! :)
  7. Im waiting for friends list ,mail,armour bug fix,client crash fix,guild feature,online shop and other bugs fix too....this is most important now...not new island.....we need skills ,items and other fixes..:(
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