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  1. The game starts to update? Post a screenshoot please.
  2. Same ring:) that is from kratt too siwers?
  3. I suppose they will add new items in the next update and i guess that those items will be in third island :) i dont know for sure
  4. Already prepared for next update :D and some other features i think :D they will make us a surprise :P
  5. Stop it guys! Its just a game and now from pvp we dont have nothing to gain:) personaly i dont aprove pvp on quests. First me and my friends pvped mc but now we all ok. Better help each others till arena will be functionaly:) thats my oppinion ;)
  6. Quest reset problem cant be solved? I have like 7 bosses to kill..hard ones...and its difficult now to find a party for finishing them...:(
  7. Yes ! Go to tools>phone settings>connection>destinations>search for wifi connection sett,or try add new connection type, then select option ,Eg:(wap services>click option>select as default connection) try this example whit wifi you will find it there or adding that :)
  8. Deranged i have qwerty too. Use from game settings touch stylus settings for numbers. Its kinda dizzy whit this settings :) for any oher question post here , i would be glad to help.
  9. Add names for party member instead of numbers. This will make finding party members more easy for new commers and for other .
  10. Teleportation is also a good choice :) by buying scrolls or in other ways. But i prefer run feature :P
  11. Expand the inventory space whit one page. It will be like selecting from your inventory page 1 and page 2. And if there will be a page 3 for p2p. Also if you can expand the party members allowed from 8 to 16. The party icons would be placed in the right side of the screen. Bigger party : more fun,more help for all and chat a lot:)
  12. We will see what Santa bring us in the future updates! Now the first priority is to fix the critical bugs and add skills ,shop online ,friend list and other things:)
  13. The forum is already easy to navigate. Wap2 and XHTML support , working good on almoust all phones ,symbian,java,android and iOS :) for the moment is not required any other addition. Maybe in the future ,but this is only my oppinion.
  14. Nice work Michael! :) excuse me for the confussion!
  15. Guys look at my post in Support section , Bugreports in legacy of berengar , at my post. There you have instruction and the needed file in the zip archive :)
  16. Hard enough :) its chalenging but not impossibile.
  17. Depends on phone model and your internet connetion vanhelsing. On my nokia 6760slide s60v3 i cant download updates. So i must use pc :) and im not the only one in here.
  18. Done :) enjoy playing. Add this file in warspear online data folder. 1417_.zip
  19. I suggest to think about run feature,coz is annoyn to walk all the time, especialy when you have quests on long rute. It will make the game more smother for all of us! Adding an option in menu whit run feature will be nice ,so if you wanna walk you enter menu and unselect run mode. Or you can add 2 keys shortcuts. I think all the players will be happy if you can implement this feature! Thanks
  20. Fract its something whit the server settings or whit symbian client! Do like me , install game on pc , update game . Connect your phone trought usb cable , open you my computer and search for Warspear Online folder and go in data , copy warspear.pak.1 in your phone where you have warspear folder ,copy it in data. Then all good :)
  21. Yep...the most annoying bug is game client crash.... Has anyone encountred close combat mobs that hit form long range? Or its just me...?:(
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