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  1. unfortunately i can not read or understand russian language so if we could get an english translation it would be great :good: also i cannot find the post where it said in the miracle shop you will not be able to buy items to improve hero stats but as i see now thats wrong so if you give me link to see what amber server i would gladly appreciate it :)
  2. i never hide if you want me i there no probs 8) but i dont think i be playing much now until next update to sort this one out. Still when you get to lvl 18 whats to do then :pardon:
  3. make sure you link your account to your email and set a password before anything if i was you lol go main menu on start up screen then my profile
  4. lol you can pay 6 quid for 1000 coins ya madman i not money to valuable just to buy some crystals for improved stats lol lmfao :lol:
  5. no g3et it right sunshine ;) i not buying them for a start lol
  6. just thought i better tell you we in the united kingdom use the britsh pound sterling not dollars or euro ok so please for all the players who actually going to buy these coins can you put correct price for them please otherwise they will be paying more than they should :)
  7. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=4709.msg40475#msg40475
  8. Anyone can answer my perfectly reasonable question ? :unknw:
  9. no its turning into a money making game now just like some of the best mmorpgs do then go downhill from there im affraid. its a case of who wants to spend the most money now and thats certainly not me ;) good luck to all who are :search:
  10. hmmm why moved here? it is perfectly genuine question and not off topic i dont think ? oh well :facepalm:
  11. I am sure in an old post it was mentioned that these new miracle coins would not affect stats just personal appearance. Now , we need these coins for runes and crystals or we get smashed by the lucky people who have them !!! So my question is what has changed ? Why do we have to pay for items that affect stats which were said they would not? And if weapons are being put into shops when is this going to end? Will be a battle of who spends the most money now ???? :fool:
  12. behave or i kill you all look at my forum sig 8) remember it well :diablo:
  13. uk use pounds not dollars or euro ok also i didnt think enchant would cost t make strong :?
  14. great news also will party number be increased back to 8 it was better that way 5 just too small :(
  15. how to kill this beast :wacko: :tease:
  16. I try to download again but still same small client so just upped screen res until sorted :unknw:
  17. so does that mean we have to have the new client that small until patch available ?
  18. i really dont want to cause probs but the client is way to smalll for us hard of sight and gives me headache straing to see all whats happening im sorry im old shot me lol but if something can be done it be great :)
  19. the client on pc is WAY TO SMALL for people who wear glasses so sorry good luck all no good for me
  20. devs please still no connection on eu and screen resloution so tiny :( help :)
  21. yes i need for my barb thanks great job :drinks: 8)
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