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  1. btw ask edge he tell you i biggest noob on emerald server and a fool like you wont believe but i accept who i am and like it ok :)
  2. i didnt say you in person was a fool it was players buying coins with no money to buy them but they kept doing it knowing something was wrong and didnt say a word thats all we saying
  3. Look players new they didnt have the money so the stupid act dont work now you been caught out lol. If you dont have the phone credit yet can get coins dont you think there just might be a problem ? :fool:
  4. just need players who listen and follow orders :lol:
  5. i wonder why trade went mental with all the runes and crystals i just thought devs were reaping the rewards of happy players :sorry: we so need an in-game mod/amin to monitor all aspects of game play on the server just a thought now this happened ?
  6. sulla if you got blocked i dont think you would purposely use a cheat or bug you love the game too much and wouldave reported something wrong 8)
  7. he not banned because my mistake sorrry but i think a few other good players are i just hate cheating bug users all bad karma for them now :pleasantry:
  8. Slay theres no way you would use any cheat or bug knowinly you a kind person and good character and i can get many to say that also if needed we all upset some great people got mixed up in this because of a few cheating noobs just for a few extra coins :(
  9. One of the most respected players is banned because of this and he is a very old unselfish player . I think and hope all cases will be judged by who they are and what they have done for this game :) UNBAN SLAY !!!!
  10. send them in rus maybe get a faster response or perhaps dev need someone on eu to get messages quicker to them by a respected member i donk know but i think it took to long for information to get to them for 1 reason or the other :unknw:
  11. I just wished at least 1 honest player who first found this sms bug mentioned it straight away but seem we honest noobs are a dying breed but have faith all good players we as a community know who you are :) :friends:
  12. If that the case why didnt true honest players report it here instead of now moaning they blocked because it not their fault ?
  13. Yes i see some are blocked just hope the innocent people who traded are allowed back they didnt know :( KILL ALL BUG USERS AND CHEATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Is it true some players have used a bug to send coins and now are blocked and also those who traded with them are blocked ?
  15. This my self-portrait i think i do good :drinks:
  16. buy them for all who cant order/purchase/afford them i help in cost :good: to the best of my ability :)
  17. i didnt get to know you but what i read on forum makes me believe you a very nice good natured person who wants to help so i think you be a big loss good luck on what ever you do in the future and enjoy yourself :drinks:
  18. marshal emerald server :drinks:
  19. yes you will get heard and might even get a comment from devs if it maybe of help as long as your name not mine lol. Best thing i can say be patient, chillax and see what happens 8)
  20. I agree it will stop low level getting attacked in mass war maybe :drinks:
  21. they are trying but it seems on emerald no one is selling them 1 player even offered 75000 for 1 because he cant buy in his country but he still cant get it so it is not all as easy as everyone seems to think :)
  22. simple solution make a B.D. then :good:
  23. just take a minute to think of all the players who cant for one reason or another get these "miracle" coins thats all i did :)
  24. please buy us crystals and runes for enchant then sir :blush:
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