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  1. Sorry if someone post it first. Me in hurry. :sorry:

    Just up level to 16, but why mine regen only 81 (full armor) now? :cray:

    At level 15, mine can regenerate at 92 with same full armor. Somebody explain please! :shout:

    ps: me forgot how much basic regen point (without armor) at level 15, but at level 16, basic regen point is 35.


    http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=503.msg51330#msg51330 i suggest you take your time to read this topic ok  :good:


    WELL i used to be able to draw until i was paralyzed 4 years ago so ill use photoshop :good:

    this is the first time i used photoshop so bare with it.



    wow sorry to hear that my friend but great pics all the same  ;) did you see my log in pic  :facepalm: :lol:
  3. hey kuz or mioco


    The sms payment for Brazil is unavaliable??? Why ?? Will we can buy Mc through sms in the future?

    And i didnt receive 220 miracle coins that i have buyed i already send email to support but not has been done



    Please answer this and dont delete this post and dont move it too i just want an answer


    What u (the moderator that delete the posts) make is censure all u dont like u delete!!!„



    It happens to me every single day dont worry stay positive keep ya chin up and dont let them beat you  words are power just remember that  :good:
  4. post screens of the lvl15  u got.

    unge put a lvl13 rune on the lvl15 axe, because the lvl15 rune is worse.


    look your berengar gears all level 15 i have 3 helms and 3 armours all level 15  :facepalm:
  5. level 15 weapons can be enchanted with runes for level 13 and in this case level 13 rune is better than rune dropped by boss. and btw. we already got level 15 weapon just scroll up :lol:


    And to be honest its starting to get stale and boring here now can only do so much of the same thing for so long just hope this "update" at the end of the month takes this game to a new direction or i think many will go as my pms would show but i not posting them  ;)

    Опубликованное фото

    dropped by priestess


    Noob they not bugged just need level 15 items when next update end of the month happens  :good:  i have seen a few of these runes now :lol:
  7. Now you see what happen when indo play mmo. Destroy everything and make the game crap like tibiame, world of dragons, anrufen online, age of heroes online etc. All these games i played and quit because of indo people.


    Good thing that moderators here take care of this and keep it up. And non indo players should be unblocked.


    Dont judge all indo the same as a few bad ones sword thats what i hate. Because thwre are a few bad ones does not mean all are bad so becareful what you say ok
  8. i bet this didnt happen on amber server  ;)  because all dev play there maybe they need to start taking an interest in emerald as well hey they can even teach us some rus lang so we can communivate with them a lot better that be awesome more direct contact in game with devs .  But really need someone on game who can get messages to the proper people and who actually knows who the good and bad players are. also my ignore list getting huge because of all the bad players insulting others so something needs to be done i think maybe they will maybe they wont until then we good noobs will stick together and await the answers of the all powerfull developers so patience is needed by all now  ::)

  9. I don't like #6, anyone who ask /demands a poor newbie for gold in exchange for help is sneaky, elf tactics right there, not cool  ...


    also think smurfer meant the guide / tips (whatever)  is for "noob players" not that it is or was written by one.


    Help should be given freely not for money or items who ever does that will never find true friends here trust me i seen it happen all pro noobs help because they want too and it makes them feel good dont ever pay for help just be patient is my answer that way you find the true good players here in game  :drinks:
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