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  1. Bank content update (all boss drops lv13-up):

    - Safe facewrap

    - Safe helm

    - Safe boots

    - Expensive ring

    - Incomplete rune of sun

    - Incomplete rune of darkness

    - Dull crystal of wisdom

    - Dull crystal of deadliness

    - Dull crystal of harmony

    - Gold 29K

    - MC 189

    - 25 empty slots


    i want to add firm arm guards and firm mail boots ok F.o.F.  :drinks:
  2. congrats smurfie  :good:  just wish there some sort of way to stop all the terrible insults and bad language in game though. i know we have ignore but that doesnt stop them from doing it to others i think some punishment might make them change mods in game be good i think then all players will know they cant get away with it.  Thats just my noob opinion anyway :unknw:

  3. no such thing as a clean fight during a war.


    anyone who accepts a quest to kill fb/mc no matter what level must accept that those fb/mc will defend themselves and that their friends will try to protect them.


    using potions/runes/crystals or not shouldnt matter, die with honor or improve your credit score and buy more potions/runes/crystals.

    all who have bought from miracle shop are fighting dirty.


    when you choose to fight someone who you know fights dirty you choose to fight by their rules.

    if you prefer a fair fight, fight someone else. until arena opens there are no rules.


    (when im in party with bizkits and badman im sworn to protect them wether they are pvp'ing or not.

    when im alone i dont attack anyone until they attack me 1st.)


    FAIR where i come from means killing anyone trying to kill your friends.


    being level18 means you are a good player NOT that you are a good enemy and NOT that you live/fight/die with honor.


    biggest load of crap i seen posted here ambi you just attacked me 3 vs1  at genie so stop crying and learn what goes around comes around as you just did  ok :good: 8)
  4. omg!i shoulda been there last night!!!wtf,cloak of couqueror!!!lets kill him again :D XD


    You will find it almost impossible now half the amber server have cape and now we find the truth about this "impossible" boss devs make it a lot harder so we wont get so many of them. Thanks is all i have to say  :good:
  5. i want to say sorry bcoz i create fake screenshots but just  to force you guys to check chat logs and i m happy with your decision that you banned me  because i choose wrong way to prove it. but you banned legionn just for 1 week after he steal id that's not fair he must be banned forever so he never dare again to steal someone's account. and what about strawberry when she get her account back


    i agree hackers and scammers have no place here on the game with us good people i hate them all :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
  6. Here You got view of full Berengar's Endurance set 8) :


    Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото

    Опубликованное фото


    Thanks to my best friends Marcin, Sulla and all MC hunters  :drinks: . We got best hunt team on Emerald ::)


    sSin if you think that make elf and come see how the other half of emerald hunt we pro noobs  ;D
  7. Today I had 2 problems


    1) I didnt get my 2360 cause I cant pay(This happened to my friend too). They said they'll fix it.


    2) Now I paid 600 coins 300x2. I didnt have any problems in the morning.

    Now I paid the money and I recieved a message that its succesfull and my money was gone. After 2 minutes i recieved a message that says : "Invalid payment type. Please contact the technical support" Huh?

    So I paid money and not gonna get my coins? lol


    So striderman they are both diffrent problems ;) I preached about the first one ;)


    both should go same place ;) not all over forum ;) support
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