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  1. lol sap is just another version of roar and taunt  takes your enemy target away and you have to select them again i just dont get it lol maybe devs just play ranged heroes and focus on them to be strong i dont know but lets wait for next update to see what happens to us c.c chars something has to be done to address this :)

  2. Everyone listen !!!! i just had an email saying if you do not send the correct sms the company will and can take the maximum ammount of money from you with no chance of getting back.  I lost mine and i hope it will be a warning to you all PLEASE CHECK THE SMS DETAILS AND THEN DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE YOU SEND IT OR YOU LOSE OUT BIG TIME LIKE ME  its sad but thats the way it works the support team say so be carefull all

  3. why always bring this teamwork into it what about 1 vs 1 or does that not count now? why cant we see who the best without help? is it because skills based for teamwork and not individual? druid can lock players rangers can repel rogues can stun and barbs/b.ds  can make scary faces lol is this balance? lol


  4. you all talking crap lol i seen 2 rogues and they untouchable with that new skill also i seen team of rangers cant get near so the rest just have to suck it up and take it i think.  If this is balance i like to see who calibrates the scales i bet they blind but this just my honest opinion i dont care i will try kill all lol .

  5. i just tried to help my friend i sent sms for 300 m coins it took all my money and no coins it even took more than it should for coins so whats going on? that new number for 300 m coins for u.k is a joke please sort it out asap or many more will be ripped off like i just was ok. also i got an sms with these links which said my profile been viewed 82 times (what profile?) all which dont work so please let me know what is happening .





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