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    Cybernem got a reaction from Poggers in Warspear in 2019   
    It's dying, too many choices in playstore that's why
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    Cybernem got a reaction from Cardinal in Character disappeared   
    Nvm angry gf deleted it. 
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    Cybernem reacted to Higgings in Why walk so much?   
    Looks like you tried to make a forsaken 
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    Cybernem reacted to Urscrewed in Gz Huey and Perni   
    oh wow unbelievable amounts of skill and intelligence, i wonder how you could have won all of those matches by playing such a difficult character like bladedancer. 
    If only i had the brain capacity to master the art of point and click. 
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    Cybernem got a reaction from Creator in amplification system "BUG"   
    My amp secret.
    Let your phone die, plug in charger and amp while it is charging at 1%. If it doesn't work amp under your bed.
    Good luck
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    Cybernem got a reaction from Pecleb in Old devs vs New devs?   
    Warspears is simply unique and amazing, I like its concept and developers are doing just fine, just because you don't like a thing or two, it doesn't mean game is going to die. I just wish they will add confirmation message in pop up miracle coin items, you don't want your customers to buy items by mistake, it shows the game quality if I've to compare it with clash of clans or other popular games, I think this is necessary. I've been playing Warspears for 3 years, there are always overpowered classes sometimes druid, sometimes necromancer but developers are always listening to players and nerfing classes, they're doing their best and we shouldn't be so rude. Warspears isn't going to die, and I hope one day it will have 100m downloads on playstore
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    Cybernem reacted to r0land in Old devs vs New devs?   
    but this post is actually a piece of nostalgia.
    It's impossible to make something that will be appreciated be every player without exception.
    It's also impossible to follow ALL the players' suggestions, like it's impossible to write a book and make a movie based just on some opinions on the Internet.
    We're authors and creators, we're designers and programmers, we have our vision too, don't forger about it.
    And we make a lot changes to our game after forum discussions, but content production is not the same thing.
    You have your right to dislike (or even hate) our content, but it doesn't make this content bad, that's my point.
    We made this mentioned late-game content really difficult, because it's meant to be for high-level players. And what I see in this post? THIS IS STUPID THIS IS BAD EVERYTHING IS WAS COOL A LOOONG TIME AGO PEPPERIDGE FARM REMEMBERS.
    It's not serious, it's just whining.
    Every piece of criticism should be followed by some constructive amendments, alternative suggestions and ideas. I can see nothing of this in the post, that's why I call it whining.
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    Cybernem got a reaction from Kaleidoscope in New Drops in Dungeons and New Mcoin Item !   
    Dungeon are worth spamming, still people sell items for over 700k and 1m, what are you talking about? and no thanks, I don't like this idea.
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    Cybernem reacted to darkme in [2016.11.28] Week of thrilling bounty!   
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    Cybernem got a reaction from Akasha in Amplification items sale   
    Hi, I want to amp my items but there hasn't been a sale of defence iii or damage iii in weeks yet signs are on sale every week so I can't amp. It doesn't really make much sense to rarely have a sale on spheres for amping yet a weekly sale on signs. It would make much more sense if we could have all amplification items on sale at once that is defence and damage i-iii as well as signs. I'm sure everyone is facing the same problem every now and then, if we had all amplification items on sale, more people would buy amplification items using miracle coins, it would benefits aigrind and it'd make amping much easier. Thank you
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    Cybernem got a reaction from Morgana in Movies you've recently watched   
    The dark knight and I'm gonna rate it 10/10.
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    Cybernem reacted to Dieinpeace in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    Made me laugh so hard
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    Cybernem got a reaction from Shuggar in Birthdays!   
    Happy Birthday
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    Cybernem reacted to Bopp in [Rant] Why do devs hate Paladins?   
    Damn people use to make fun of my amp too dop is cool but maili is smarter, you could tell if you watched the pvp
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    Cybernem reacted to Morgana in We have a new Babynatali   
    Lol I love Era Istrefi
    It's a reall sad thing when people can't just be themelves :/
    I remember her boyfriend said to me a long time ago that she never wanted to show him a picture of herself .-. Don't ask me why, that's all I know.
    Blah lol she isn't famous on warspear
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    Cybernem reacted to mailliwdxb in [Rant] Why do devs hate Paladins?   
    And yes...I almost forgot
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    Cybernem reacted to Gladiator in [Rant] Why do devs hate Paladins?   
    That's what she said.
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    Cybernem reacted to Ninja in My druid got stolen.   
    If u assigned e-mail, u can reset password here:
    Else try:
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    Cybernem reacted to TheCabbage in Fortress   
    You forgot Stronghold of Equinox.
    I'm also wondering why there was no new fortress in the new area.  
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    Cybernem reacted to Dieinpeace in Ganks in pvpcave   
    What is your ingame name? I can be annoying too
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    Cybernem reacted to r0land in [2016.07.28] Meet new administrator!   
    Hello there, everybody!

    Times they are a-changing, and our company is not an exception.
    For several years we were standing back to back, different situations and different opinions, we've become friends (not with everybod ofc), but it has always been fun and interesting, that is important.

    Now it's time for me to step down, it's for me to introduce a new special safeguard of our community:
    meet Daria, your brightest light during the dark times, your new friend and assistant.

    I'm not leaving AIGRIND for sure, won't disappear from this forum too, but strongly recommend to get used to her,
    she's awesome. I hope everyone will be friendly as you always are

    Anyway, please, welcome her, every social platform of our game is Kingdom of Daria now.
    And don't forget about me, we've got a lot of stories to tell.

    Take care and good luck,
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    Cybernem reacted to Daria in [2016.07.28] Meet new administrator!   
    Hello everyone!
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    Cybernem got a reaction from nabnecro in Blade Dancer Suggestion All Around Balancing.   
    I think developers should remove shaman damage totem and totem heal. Full +10 accessories and still 500+ damage isn't fair, remove dk stun skill, remove necromancer nightmare, remove warlock circle,remove rogue stealth, remove all skills of barbarian etc
    Druid needs a buff 100% success rate of forest song and I want one or more stun skills. Thank you
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    Cybernem got a reaction from Dozy in Blade Dancer Suggestion All Around Balancing.   
    Btw necromancer, warlock and dk can cycle stuns/combo too so stop hating on druids :3 Get smart.
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    Cybernem got a reaction from KatyParry in ~Beauty contest 2016~ ❤   
    Wow, are you single????????!?!?!?
    Jk lol, Goodluck
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