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  1. We need done Easy, Normal, Hard and Heroic for Yellow quest en the new land? Is a kidding? heroic too? -.-
  2. WHAT??? - Ancestors’ Hand skill was fixed. Now you can't cast this spell on yourself. I understand....
  3. What time the game servers will back online??
  4. Chose Shaman, Necro es very noob on arenas -.-
  5. Any have a idea what is the effect at 2/4 or 3/4?
  6. Good weapons :D but why GM lie or why edit the post :c they cancel the new weapons? :c
  7. WTF? no arena set lvl 19? why edit the post?
  8. I always kill druids easy with my expert skill. Im Shaman 8)
  9. Show Stats Guys :D
  10. Affff i can't open in Android, the game crash -.- wtf!
  11. Zuczkinns

    Skil build

    My Skill build: 5 Dmg 5 Life 1 Earthquake 5 Blast 3 Expert Skill
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