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  1. LOL is there a new version of ws. ?? I have already the latest version of warspear 4.2 But when I login my acc. It shows a notification that current version is outdated.
  2. I think devs would not do it.. U know what I mean.. MoNeY MoNeY MoNeY
  3. GM Pls. Take attention for necro class.. When necro use skill heal and shield while moving it stop suddenly so elf can easily to catch up necros.. Pls remove taking dmg of necro when they heal and shield..
  4. Druid new skill have also a bug while I'm on other side of lake boss I saw a druid on the lake he use his new skill "Tornado" then suddenly he can attack me to the other side even I move far and can't go to borders also the mob at left side "puma" he can also attack. I relogin my char I saw my corps on the lake.
  5. Same as to you bro. Pls. Fix this bug, time is running I need to make gp or else I'll be kick on guild.
  6. Is there a new version of ws? I'm using the latest version 4.0 but why still saying that I need to install a new version of game. Every time I login my character ?Wtf. I'm using android. Pls fix this prob.
  7. daizu


    Wtf I can't focus on playing.. I Almost died 3times while Farming :!!!!!!!
  8. Wow tnx ZNIKAM!!Try to download it again it works fine now yeah B-)
  9. Lol devs pls. fix this problem as soon as possible, i miss to play this game. :'( im still facing the problem :'( :'( :'(
  10. Still i cant login :'( This happen only in android devices???
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