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  1. Please remove that time delay duration between each expert skills.Ty
  2. You are funny bro, Paladins need to buy a whole lot of Banners to use Harad Banner.
  3. +1 Thats right, those refuse to use money to amp have no rights to cry.
  4. Mr Pete, you haven't announces the exact time for today's update yet -.-
  5. Bye kiddo and cry more "Mc Sucks, Elf OP :(" so the devs will know Huhu
  6. From the beginning you already started to ignore all my questions cause you dont even know and you just keeps on twisting all those things into another story.Eww I already stated it from the first post, rangers lack of "unique" skills unlike other classes rogues jump/fly, bd shield, shaman lightning which works almost like blessing,barbie with heals. But it seems all this ego MC supporter trying sooo hard to defend their classes. Nah its a waste of time argueing with someone who always cry because "elf getting op and mc getting nerf" in their mind:( Keeps on crying kiddo
  7. 1.You obviously quoted it from my first post and I 100% didnt mention DK in it. 2.Lmao I max flamy arrow before of course I knew its fire duration smart ass 3.You just said it in your post that "A TRAP CAN LAST *OVER* 5 SECS" and like I said , pray so that some random enemy will get caught in that 1x1 trap or you are done. So stop with all those EGOS of yours
  8. Please dont change my whole questions into another story, im asking HOW CAN YOU SCATTER 100% WHEN AN ENEMY STANDING NEAR A WALL WHILE HITTING YOU? That trap after scatter is another story LMAO in another different pvp situation and I already know that. So answer my first question please
  9. Alot Mcs Supporter Here Defending Their Classes And Begging Devs To Nerf Elves More Lol
  10. LOL, So your point is a ranger should just "kite" or run while being jumped and takes all those damages by rogue or multiple rogues without fighting back?xD Like I Said, Scatter wont work 100% if the enemy near a wall smart ass.Flamy arrow cant help u kite that far since the fire damages only continue for 1-2 secs. Since when a lucky caught trap can last over 5 secs xD? Tell Me Please Lmao Lastly you mean DK can never beats a ranger? Wew..
  11. Ohh? Tell me then how you use your scatter to 100% when the enemy standing near a wall or how to 100% make sure your enemy will get caught on that tiny trap in a wide area please Mr Smart Ass?
  12. Since when I asked a noob like you on how to beat DK and why I need to you to tell me ranger is easy to play?Lmao I know my class better than you know your own dk which you havent even try to max it full potential yet. So stop talking like a "Pro" DK here.
  13. You dumb? Since when I said I always stand and spam? It depends on what kind of situation in a battle.. So please open up your brain and eye read back my first post And did I just said "DK Only Have Pull Skills"?I Said "DK With Combos" So read back smartass and stop acting like you knows all classes sooo well and started a fight here defending your class and ego. So what with resi? As long as my def can caught them up.Like I Said in the beginning, rangers lack of special skill unlike other classes.
  14. Uh hmm, what I did posted about rangers are facts.Everyone knows that playing a ranger is about luck and spam skills, lacks of special skills like any others classes. So I dont want to waste my time quarreling with a noob DK like you. I know you are crying about losing because you didnt amp or dont even know how to play a DK properly. And I bet my noobie +10 ranger can kill u easily without trap.
  15. Lol stop talking about those "old players and new players" things kiddo.Grow up and starts to accept that there are alot pro new player out there please.So what if you played this game for 10 years or what?that doesnt mean you are still the strongest .LMAO There is nobody better than anyone. 15% Resi + Full +10 I dont think it should be a problem, the problem goes to those expert skills by devs. For what I spend those money to +10 only lose to those easy to get +9 and resi 25%?Like I said, its imbalance. Besides you really think DK cant beat mages or rangers?LOL, that must be you d
  16. Lmao please dont link to me those newbie arena putting trap and run back method, I already know those tricks. Answer me in 2v2 or pvp what will you do after rogues suddenly jumped out on you and gouge when that 1x1 trap didnt get them? By the way, it was quite obvious in that vid those guys are not pro rogues, the hell they just rush in and got trapped in that tiny narrow space.Noob. Smart guys will always know that in that tiny narrow space sure have some traps.
  17. Please go and ask Physik how to play a dk espeacially when pvp if you dont know. Ayuh becomes a good dk with crazy fast combo skills after being trained by Physik. So stop crying to me if you dont know how to play your own class.
  18. Ahaha you never played both faction before thats why you are trying sooo hard to defend your own kind here. Answer me this Mr Know It All, if a rogue or 2 rogues suddenly jump out of stealth and started to merciless strike blah blah spamming all those skills on a ranger, how will you kite? Show me please LMAO. Like Mostxkills said, the more you are trying to run away after those rogues got you, the more damages you will take and in the end you are done.
  19. Lmao I know you are a rogue thats why you are defending your own class. Listen, from the beginning I already said that rangers cant do anything besides standing and spamming those skills.Rogues already can counter rangers range skill with their jump.So you expect me to "run" doing nothin to fight back while rogues suddenly jumped out and banging me so hard out of stealth? Funny dude. And you mean rangers are getting more OP after they get those flamy arrow? Lmao how bout those rogues when they get those jump/fly skill? Its too obvious you are tryin to defend your own class with those
  20. With 2 pro necros (good amp + team work + good Nightmares and Heals timing) why not? And after this update, I bet necros can be still the best combo team in arena 2v2. Besides, in that videos you even showed me yourself that necro doesnt need another necro to win in arena 2v2.Just good timing Nightmare with another stun skills can make a whole battle to 2v1. By the way, as far I said, I never said that Necros are OP.I only mentioned they are good in arena 2v2.Please check back LOL
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