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    wyrm got a reaction from nabnecro in Stun chain problem   
    With the news skills we got lots of ways to combo our abilities and got plenty of new gameplay patterns, but as I play the game (specially in arena, even I dont being a arena active player) the more I see this problem. You get locked down by a barb or a warlock, you will probably going to die without having much to do. Locks and barbs are the most common ones but we with new stun runes and items, majority of the classes can do it aswell. And thats bad, its very frustrating to simply die without doing nothing.
    Although I hate those things, its not fair to deny a well timed combo, so my solution is the following: a new implicit stat that would reduce stun time by a %. BUT it's not intended t be obtained by itens, but only by being stuned. 
    You would start with always 0, when you get stuned, you got 6% stun reduction,  then if you get stuned again, 12%, then 24%, then, at last, 64%. Capped at 64%. Once applied,  the stun reduction would decay, like ranger's bitterness when not attacking, but way faster. 
    This would not mess up with the combos so much, a well timed combo would still be effective,  but would stop players from abusing it at "bad levels". I dont think silences should count for the reduction here, only real stuns and roots, maybe slows.
    This is the main idea, others things like some negative debuff for the stun reduction like take extra damage or loss of accuracy, so the stuns users would not get so punished. Another thing to think about is even make it a real stat with own runes or inbuilt with resilience/ferocity. Well, that's it, please let your opinions
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    wyrm reacted to Knighsou in [2017.05.29] Update Warspear Online 7.0: New Heroes. Preview   
    Well great update.. so excited... i think its time to introduce Wands DEVs.. Wands will be 1h magic weapon with lesser amount of magic dmg cd and any other bonus... So that can be used with shild.. I think its time to gear up again.. 
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    wyrm got a reaction from Omercix in Norlant Aqueducts sploit   
    Morning players, i was messing arround norlant as I do everyday, and found this way to (almost) break the game a lil bit.
    I did not used to do aqueducts, i started to fully complete it some days ago, and then i noticed a thing.
    You can do the quest, kill the bosses, get the itens (you even have a chance to get good items).
    The catch is here, before you report the quest, you cancel it.
    But why would i cancel a finished quest wyrmy?
    Now you take it again, and to it again, get the itens again, how many times you want to it!
    You can do the kill up to 5 mini bosses each time, each one dropping pots, scrolls, and even itens.
    Idk if someone noticed it before, probs yes, and maybe aigrind fix it (or not, they never fixed the stealth bug i reported on rogue).
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