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  1. So I just have to keep trying? Or am I upgrading the wrong bow? There is only 1 level 14 upgrade craft job. So that is it? I just have to keep trying? Or is it that upgrading a level 12 bow I can get a level 14 bow from it? Just wondering...
  2. If I upgrade a lvl12 bow do i get a lvl14 bow after the craft job is done??
  3. How do I get Ash Tree Bow, I tried 2 times upgrading the Hard Longbow but I get Ash Tree Crossbow instead. So how do I get Ash Tree Bow??
  4. Can someone tell me which lvl dungeon cn gt the lv10 ice queen and lv20 ice queen?
  5. wow...btw ty for this calculation...new update sucks :blush:
  6. lv1...magical power 162....the heal should be atleast 100+
  7. I hav tat heal evertime l..I dont think I jav buff for tat long?
  8. I always been going for hunting and usually i didnt really gt good stuff. I wantedgt gold to buy sd bow. Is there anyway OTHER THEN BUYING MCOINS i can get gold fast?? ::)
  9. his magical damage is 153..im 162...im more then him bt why his heal higher then me?? :(
  10. Ihoranger

    Shaman heal

    My shaman juz bought a lv12 staff..my magic power was 162 bt why is my heal 80!!! Even other shaman lv12 using same weopon wit me gt 140+heal..my healing skill was lv1 and the other shaman tat I hav 140+ heal oso hav lv1 healing skill. Please help me on this
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