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  1. adywijaya, but, i guess some classes are better than the others, right?
  2. i guess i'll make a shaman. . . . .
  3. Thanks. But im still undecided if i should choose shaman or necro... Necro sheild seems really cool. . . But shaman has stun...hard choice
  4. btw, i remembered something: yesterday i went arena with my lvl 5 dk (aymon) and with a lvl 5 warlock (wlockk, i think his name was) and from 30 times we only losed 2 or 3 times. I have a lvl 3 +3 spear, lvl 5 items +2 chest and +3 gloves, rest are simple items. And i think he had novice set. But we were good coordonating and we fighted so well that we were a pro team. So is warlock a choice?
  5. well im going to make a shaman and a necro. I will then see whats the best. Any suggestions for builds? And in a 1v1 shaman vs necro with equal items and skills who would win?
  6. i tried playing druid a while ago, but it doesent seems like the best class. Seems pretty hard to play but i dont relly like it. For me the best seems now shaman and necro. Maybe warlock too because it seems fun to play. Expecting more votes. . .
  7. Shitley, thanks, very useful. Still need more votes. . .
  8. maybe this isnt the best place for this. I feel that this place isnt very active and not many peoples read topics in this section
  9. All. Kinda like universal. A good-to-all class :D
  10. hy boys and girls. Im thinking to start a new magic-type character... So what class would be the best? Im playing at mcsaken side in EU but a elfosen would be good too, i think.
  11. super-duper-extra COOL :good: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. yeah... You guys know that anyone do it. Just check world and trade chat for 1h and you will see at least 5 different peoples doing it... Btw...sorry for posting that
  13. hy. I also sent you this when was needed at official email but no reply and i think you dont use that email so i send it again here maybe i have a chance: 1. Nickname on forum, link to your profile-Ciprian 2. Name-Rusu Ciprian 3. Age-15 4. Country-Romania 5. Education-I'm at highschool 6. Did you ever work with game communities? -Sure, from mobile games i was moderator and then admin in AOHO (Age Of Heroes Online) and I had a fansite and my own forum section in TibiaME 7. Forum administration/moderation experience -about 1.5 years 8. When you are visiting forum? (weekdays, hours /GMT, please/) -3-5 hours daily and 5h+ in weekends 9. In your opinion, what's moderator's job is all about? Hmm...the moderator is like a policeman: is here to keep the order but the moderator should also be comunicative and friendly with the players 10. What kind of events for the forum could you suggest to increase user's/ guests interest? Pools, drawing contests, rewards and i have a few more ideas but i'll keep them for later :D 11. What kind of forum contests/ competitions can light up forum? (any ideas) Like i said earlier: drawing, quiz contests and a few more...but they wont attract peoples atention unless they earn something from there. 12. Why do you applying to this position? Honestly? I love this game even if im relatively newbie at... And I hope i'll be paid somehow(Miracle Coins or Real Money :D ) 13. What forum section you would like to take care on? Any english-based section because i like talking with peoples 14. Do you have Skype account? No...I don't really "like" Skype but if its required I will make myself a Skype account 15. Game realm, nickname, guild- EU Emerald,aymon *I really hope I will get this job **If you guys want more informations about me don't be affraid to ask I'm open to anything ***I would like to recive a response even if it's negative or positive
  14. hmm... I started with a bd but i got bored and sold him. Now i created a paladin, a death knight, a barbarian and a rogue. This are my favourites class. Now im planning to level them up :D. It will be some work. But im thinking that if you are like me you would choose one of those classes :)
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