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  1. Well, now I know that devs can't fix anything, and aren't smart enough to find SOME remedy for the situation(would rather just tell players to deal with it and keep making updates), I can assume u guys don't want to make money and are gonna raise lvl cap again soon. If u were smart, u would see that nobody is buying signs/amping cuz they just expect your next update, but u not smart, are ya?? Go ahead, release the next update, make all the content u just added completely pointless. And when u done releasing, sit back and wait for NOBODY to buy/amp cuz all expecting yet ANOTHER update. Such idiots...I hope your game goes down the tubes someday, u definately aiming for it.
  2. It's not a tick...where u get your info? It is one time heal/debuff with 27second cooldown. Your post meaningless..
  3. So you tell us u gonna fix priest/pala skill bugs...but as a side note u say you never will....wow, that's awesome, thank u. Can I have my 40k back since I don't need a skill that kills my own teammates? Worst support skill ever...if u OPENLY ADMIT that you are powerless to make the skills work properly, why would u not just make another skill for those classes that DOES WORK??? Why just KEEP a NON WORKING skill and just move on w/the game like nothing is wrong???.... That's how u keep ppl wanting to play??? Just screw up and say "oh sorry, not our fault, deal with it"....nice devs....real nice.
  4. It's balanced if the priest is a better player than u and has true skill. Your amp/lvl shouldn't determine whether u win or lose. You skill choice and personal rotations and ability to think/adapt on the fly decides the outcome. Now I'm not saying u a bad player, just that that particular priest could have been better. I was beating +10 players when I was +7, no problem.
  5. Omg u noob are still crying about redemption AND THE SKILL DOESN'T EVEN WORK RIGHT, SHUUUUT UPPPPP!!! We have a skill that literally MURDERS our teammates if used on a boss fight. It is rediculous. Needed to replace it on hot bar already because it's killing more ppl than it's helping. You guys just ♥♥♥♥♥ about what u don't like. If u played a priest u would be ♥♥♥♥♥ing about this skill like everyone else. We have a heal we can't use because it get's ppl killed with hp glitch, but still u JUST HAVE TO cry about it. Can we maybe get a skill that WORKS before u start busting a nut over it's "unfairness"???? Stupid crying you little noobs who can't PvP, just wanna ♥♥♥♥♥, delete your character.
  6. And this is another example of why it makes no sense for them to raise lvl caps or add new gears AGAIN any time soon. It would render this entire update/aspect of the game completely pointless if they nullify it before it ever even establishes it's true value..
  7. They are supposed to be that way. Getting a full set of lvl 20cc gear is supposed to be something u can earn only, through work. You cannot even access gloves/boots to start completing sets until u can enter hard(5gold trophies for guild). If these were able to be sold, people would just buy them, and it would defeat the purpose of earning through personal time/work completely. Almost 99% of this game can be bought for the right price, even half the lvl 20cc sets if they just buy reward slots in winning guilds. But again, completing any of these sets requires both membership in a guild w/5+ gold trophies AND time/dedication to get the drop you need. All others, just sell to NPC or disassemble if possible and work on craft.
  8. Redemption only works when it wants to. Plain and simple. I'm assuming they not gonna change it even tho it is CLEARLY not functioning right. I have no problem with amount of heal, and yes I've used it to break debuffs, but DO NOT try to use this skill WHILE MOVING or it will NOT WORK at all, period. U must come to a complete standstill before casting or you will waste skill completely. Terrible for arena matches where ppl are constantly moving. Please do something about this...oh and another thing, already dying much faster by gankers because it takes FOREVER to use pots while in bag when u critically need one, need to choose to have a skill unavailable completely if u want the option of using a pot WHEN U NEED ONE.....terrible design flaw please fix. We don't care about the design devs just get it on there....
  9. I can kick his ass w/o them fixing the bug, but it's annoying to spend 40k for a skill that does nothing.
  10. New priest skill Redemption BUGGED BIG TIME!!!! MANY TIMES CAST NO EFFECT AT ALL!!! I have aura 4/4 and redemption 2/4 and most times in Pty I cast and it heals absolutely nothing at all. Plz fix this. We just spent 40k for a split second animation and nothing else. And BTW u ruined Harad's tears cast animation, it's incredibly delayed now. Ppl all complaining about priests and we just got shafted most of all on new skill if this isn't a bug....
  11. Priest tears animation is delayed, looks silly now like we punching air for no reason. And the effect/radius of new skills aren't bugs, they small intentionally. Redemption too is crap at lvl 1, can pretty much only effect 1 person although the radius before cast looks bigger.(is cast like circle, blazing ground, etc.).
  12. U will be happy for about 10 seconds after update then u will be right back here pissin' and moaning about some thing else. Should consider yourselves lucky dev's even respond to u at all on these threads.
  13. Lying? Lol, they lying cuz it's not done EXACTLY when u expect? I forgot, are u a dev? Can u do better? How about instead of singing a buncha stupid songs trying to insult the ppl who are WORKING to bring you enjoyment, u go out and enjoy actual LIFE for a bit. You ppl truly have no appreciation for anything, it's always just want want want and nothing ever good enough when u get it. Children...
  14. So do priests get to keep their new skill or are there already plans to nerf it before it even comes??? Please let us know BEFORE u give/we use books of oblivion plz. Last time u gave book then changed skill and made us waste. Had to get other book to switch skills AGAIN.
  15. How? Really? Locks have skill that stops any skills being used AND tomorrow DK's have a skill that stops skills from being activated. Now add that to a high amp and boom, ppl dead before they can do shit. One lock has done it to me from Sith already, and I am no pushover priest. Even if specced for dungeons and not PvP. It depends on how u skill. If a lock wants high circle/fear or w/e they can't do that stuff, but if they choose to spec dmg skills and go high amp then the ONLY thing u can do to survive with that mark on u is pot or get away, or have INSANELY HIGH magic def. Whether it's 1v1/2v2, 5v5, or dungeons/pve, there is a combination in your available skills that will make u amazing in those aspects. But, not at the same time. 99% of the time if u spec for dungeon performance, your PvP skills will be lacking, and vice versa. Every class is capable of being godly. So, when you jump on here to start your incessant rambling about how stuff isn't "fair", try to stop, just for a second, and realize we can still only spend a maximum of 4 skill points across a set of 4 skills. You can't act like everyone has everything(and at max lvl the way u complain), when the REALITY is they have to choose which will be potent while their others remain mediocre.
  16. Wah wah wah cry cry cry. A DK and a lock can have ppl dead and they can never even cast a single skill, and still that not good enough. U hate our skills so much but u don't even realize you have the skills to prevent them and incapacitate us. The fact of the matter is u suck at playing, get better. It's not the dev's job to accommodate your lack of talent and refusal to amp.
  17. I got thru 9 pages and don't even wanna read any more. Update not even here yet and as always MC on here crying like a buncha ♥♥♥♥♥es. U don't even realize the diff skills are meant for diff PLAY STYLES. So many diff combinations and possibilities that too say any one class is better than another is simply ignorance, plain and simple. Just cuz the skills are there doesn't mean ppl have every one at 4/4. But you complain like they do. Just shut up, the skills are fine, if the class doesn't work for how u WANT to play, then pick a diff class. Just cuz u don't want to change your main char doesn't mean the devs need to accommodate your ♥♥♥♥♥ing every time u see something u don't like. But of course, we all know elf skills will be nerfed because the elf side is the one who appreciates updates and mc side doesn't appreciate shit. Anything that makes it harder to gank someone just pisses u right off huh??? How long before all u rogues start crying about the 2sec CD between using expert skills? Can't insta-gank someone by spamming them, OH NO!!! BETTER COMPLAIN!!!
  18. Not that we don't appreciate the update, it's great, but I'm not alone in thinking it's getting rediculous that you haven't more hotkeys yet. And as for ppl all wanting lvl cap rises already....u must be mentally impaired. They WANT YOU to spend to amp, they are not adding new content just so that u can do nothing and wait for them to add something else, how do they make money that way. If anything they need to HOLD OFF raising lvl cap for however long of takes u to realize u should be getting/amping new gear from content now. Why they gonna undercut all sign sales and player sales by adding new stuff when not even 10% of players are CAPABLE of getting top gears in game ATM. Why keep adding more?? Better for them to wait till 80%+ are thru new content, adding more sooner they only screw THEMSELVES cuz nobody buying signs and amping stuff.
  19. Wow, friggin awesome idea!!!! DOOOOOO ITTTTTT!!!!!!
  20. Soooo, you arena team sucked and your opponents were retarded.....many ppl get lots of dmg and kills. Those SAME ppl quite often get much less too, every match is circumstantial. Its not hard to pick the best looking one and post it. How about posting one where u actually get targeted first? Brag about one match just to go in and be instantly killed on the next one....not too impressive. Show us a video of an entire pot duration and maybe ppl will be impressed. And, of course, its an Mc rogue that would brag about arena, makes sense. Nobody invites rogues to play any OTHER aspects of the game....ganking and PvP is all they good for. Let's see u dodge tank heroics like good rogues SHOULD be able to do, show us something impressive.
  21. Lol, Zeus n Balth puttin' in work!!!!! Daaaaaaamn....hehe...
  22. An awesome fight by all, especially THEMERCS!!! If that's what they can do with 30 members, they gonna be the guild to beat @ lvl 4. Be afraid.....BE VERY AFRAID!!!!
  24. It was intentionally said as one word, but good for you for trying. R.I.P. reading comp.
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