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    juuelikkas got a reaction from Mordonis in What are the good parts of the game   
    Tbh, the best part of this game is making other faction mad. Everyone who denies this, is a liar and hypocrite.
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    juuelikkas reacted to Turtle in Waking up Support Team   
    Heres your dumb dumb stupid if you send multiple reports they put ur mail to Spam so more you send youve sent to much all your reports are in there spam folder now hopefully roland can fix for you but now you know send 1 report at a time then if it takes id say oover 3 weeks resend or if u didnt get confirmation they read it
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    juuelikkas reacted to nabnecro in GMS LOOK THIS VIDEO   
    at 1:55 you can see a typical stupid rogue tanking unnecessary banner, leading the team to automatic loss.
    at 2:22 you can see a barbarian implying the game is unbalanced because he lost 1v1 vs paladin.
    at 4:45 you can see a necro tanking 2 BDs instead of disabling one and running away from the other.
    at 8:12 you can see game's lousy net code in action favoring meelee classes. (yeah this sucks)
    at 8:38 you can see a barbarian who put himself in great disadvantageous situation allowing druid to stun him in the map hazard zone and far from the others teammates, also one teammate looked afk.
    Conclusion: all of the losses could have been avoided if your team didn't take poor decisions.
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    juuelikkas got a reaction from Chickenfly in Farming bots in Warspear   
    And here is the problem. One can never 'prove' it (if evidence here is not enough) with 100%. Despite this, you guys are not effin criminal court with a duty to get factual evidence, just ban those twats using scripts simply because they are the cancer of all mmorpgs. 
    You guys know as well as we do that script users do exist and they are easy to spot. So I kindly ask you to take some kind of actions. 1 week ban maybe and if they keep going, perma ban?
    Using scripts is pretty revolting when others are playing fair js.
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    juuelikkas got a reaction from Chickenfly in Farming bots in Warspear   
    Uh, it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that this bd is using script. He is there literally 24/7, predefined movements, same skill patterns regarding skills etc.
    I were actually using him couple days ago to farm with my low lvl char for an hour. He just kept killing those spiders for me after I had the first hit.
    But there are others too. At mirage's adobe. Near garr shaggs cave. All with predefined movement, same patterns etc. And all off them are using scripts. I'll chop my testicles off if that is not the case.
    Imo they should be banned asap. On the other hand, it can never be proven with 100% certainty (99,9& should be enough since the 0,01 possibility that there is some total nolifer acting like a robot and messing with us is absurd) that they are using script so I kind of understand devs.. However, every reasonable person understands what is happening.
    And players who are saying it is not a script, are either mentally handicapped or they use script themselves.
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    juuelikkas reacted to Ninja Owl in GMS LOOK THIS VIDEO   
    Great video! It clearly showcased desynchronization, the game's emphasis on 1v1, the fact that roots stun and that damaging skills kill faster.
    I didn't care at all that there was no contemplating effective counter methods, or even comparison with enemy skills. Because these are all serious problems and I'm really bad at this game.
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    juuelikkas got a reaction from 342621117mk in mcs dropping bow   
    Oh it is you again   Dude, seriously, stop.
    I mean, you've been crying for ridiculous crap like this forever, and it has been explained every time why the situation is what it is. Pro tip: read Snowman's post above and, I beg you, try to understand this time.
    And about the 'unfair' skills of elves about which you really do like to whine (yes not really relating to this posts but don't feel like answering two times to this guy since he is spamming these posts again);  They are not unfair. Yes, some skills are better for arena than others; some skills work are totally op against certain classes. Learn to deal with it. Some mc skills are totally op in respect of some situations and on the other hand, some elf skills are totally op in other situations.  Nevertheless, that's how it is, and that's how it should be. If you are one of those 'hurr durr let's give everyone identical skills and identical damages', you're playing the wrong game. You can find almost every skill op if you evaluate it in the context that suits your interests. Yes, 4/4 counterstrike is deadly, but you're dumbass if you bang your head against brickwall.
    Btw, I've seen you dozens of times in the arena, and it is not about the op skills of your opponents, the problem is your horrible tactics and lack of teamwork. 
    And I play mostly with mcs so no need to use 'you're partial' card.
    Peace out.
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