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  1. the game is pretty much balanced right now. previously weak classes like barb necro and dk got great expert skills.


    imo there are only 2 classes left that needs some adjustment.


    BD: Needs to be toned down by a bit. Maybe remove hamstring dot damage or remove stun from it (target stays on same place but can use skills). We all known that if BD hits you with hamstring you will die, that's just lame.


    MAGE: Needs to be buffed a bit. If devs insist in not giving mage a true stun because of class archetype (pure area damager), then maybe they should consider something like increasing all mage damage skills by 5%. Even on 5v5 mage still doesn't feel strong enough. Another suggestion is to make fire circle -> fireball activate fear 100% of the time and not by chance.


    I kind of agree with this though bd is not that bad if you kite  ;) Maybe nerfing the notorious counter would make most people happy. Hamstrings damage could be also taken away, but it still must be a stun. BD is weak as a kitten against casters without a stun.


    And yea, if you look from a 1v1 point of view, mage is shit atm. It really is and everyone knows this. Maybe give it similar skill that lock already has? That one which makes lock unable to do anything but at the same time it does not take any damage.. Would let the mage start spamming it skills all over again once he can move. But on the other hand, with proper team play, mage can be ridiculously strong.


    Despite all this, game is actually pretty balanced atm. Dks and barbs got decent skills, palas banner was fixed and Druid's tornado is not anymore 5x5.


    Good job devs :good:

  2. Well I'm sorry if it hurts someone's feelings but it logically thinking, the Bible and Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets have similar basis in real life :unknw: If someone wants to believe, no problem, but don't get offended if others tell what they think about it.


    And back to the topic. The great wall of 'Murica on Mexico border would be something worth seeing

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah idiot druid ... it paralyzes all the time and has little time to recharge your abilities again

    noooooooooooob gms ... I'm sorry but you guys are too stupid is a class to not let the other play.


    Learn how to play :tease:

  4. I praise God that Obama cannot win elections anymore... I hope a strong man will be the next president, who will do everything back what Obama ruined. Send soldiers back to the Middle East, follow the original purpose of the state establishing fathers of the United States of America, more exactly, make the constitutional laws be based on the Bible.

    Also, do not hide at home. Go to the place where defence and support is needed: Israel. If Israel fails, there is noone who can stop Iran and the Islam to conquer the world. Do not think you can stop them. You were given great power to use it to defend the weaker and help them destroy the evil, not to try to make peace with the beast. Do you think that a country, Iran would accept your conditions? That they would claim the same that you claim? Peace, freedom of religions, equality of women? No! The Qur'an states that you can only go to heaven if you kill those who are against the Islam. Do you think that people who beleive in this could agree and live in peace with you? They have no peace, no freedom in religions, no equality of women!

    Go against the Iran deal! It brings danger to the nation!

    Why do you let homosexuals to marry like people with normal sexual identity can? Or if you let, why 9 people say what 300 million should do? Why not let this 300 million vote on this question? Why do you punish people who don't agree with homosexuals, for example their religion doesn't allow this? Why?

    Why do you spare your power on this?

    You know, if you look on the history of the United States of America, you should realise that the country was only strong and successful when this power was used for something good. Nowadays you do exactly the opposite what you were sent for.


    I made a research. Which side, Democratic or Conservative are better? And according to me, I couldn't choose. Conservative are closer to me, however, there are points that I don't like in them, but in Democratics.

    Hard to choose :D But I hope someone with a clean mind will get on power, who can bring back the reputation of the USA...


    Yes, The constitution should be repealed and replaced with Hammurab and Ten Commandments. Also US should send their troops everywhere to mess things up again. And yes, homosexuals must not be able to marry because someone interprets some old fairy tale in his own favor. 


    In addtion, Iran must be punished because they almost managed to decide start their nuclear weapon programme. No country should be allowed to have nuclear weapons. And even though whole idea of parliamentary democracy is to let the representatives to decide, we must not let them decide because of the bible.

  5. What's wrong?lol in this way all should be banned.just make a fake video and share it and that player will be banned.Making a fake video or fake photo is easy⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅


    How is the video fake? 




    Hi xhakix :facepalm: (also a possibility that this dude is just trolling)

  6. then why they created a potion of chaos?


    Because players were asking for pots like that. It still does not mean that this game has its emphasis on 1v1. Devs themselves have announced this since the beginning. :snorlax:

  7. it's not allowed if it can be proven.



    And here is the problem. One can never 'prove' it (if evidence here is not enough) with 100%. Despite this, you guys are not effin criminal court with a duty to get factual evidence, just ban those twats using scripts simply because they are the cancer of all mmorpgs. 

    You guys know as well as we do that script users do exist and they are easy to spot. So I kindly ask you to take some kind of actions. 1 week ban maybe and if they keep going, perma ban?


    Using scripts is pretty revolting when others are playing fair js.

  8. Uh, it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that this bd is using script. He is there literally 24/7, predefined movements, same skill patterns regarding skills etc.


    I were actually using him couple days ago to farm with my low lvl char for an hour. He just kept killing those spiders for me after I had the first hit.


    But there are others too. At mirage's adobe. Near garr shaggs cave. All with predefined movement, same patterns etc. And all off them are using scripts. I'll chop my testicles off if that is not the case.


    Imo they should be banned asap. On the other hand, it can never be proven with 100% certainty (99,9& should be enough since the 0,01 possibility that there is some total nolifer acting like a robot and messing with us is absurd) that they are using script so I kind of understand devs.. However, every reasonable person understands what is happening.


    And players who are saying it is not a script, are either mentally handicapped or they use script themselves.

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