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    BladeKil reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.03.25] In development: the system of achievements   
    Dear players! Let's have a talk about the achievements system we are currently working on. We would like to present you what has been already done and listen to your opinions and suggestions that we may take into account.

    This system will be available in one of our upcoming updates, so get ready for the big changes.

    What is the achievements system?

    If Warspear Online isn't the only game you have ever played, you should be familiar with achievements systems in other projects. But if you aren't – no worries, we'll tell you everything about it. Personal achievements are in-game goals. Completing them may bring you fine memorable rewards for showing your success to your friends.

    What kinds of achievements will be available?

    We are planning to add all kinds of achievements and make them available for all players. After completing tasks you will get «Signs of Glory», reminding you about your great feat. All achievements will be sorted in a few groups, like “Arena”, “Trading”, “Killing”, “Exploring”, etc., including different kinds of unusual things that may happen to you in the game, like killing a mighty boss on your own or dying after a crazy ram's bite.

    The full list of achievements, conditions for completing them and rewards will be available in the game menu. Apart from that, some of them will have several difficulty levels with different numbers of Signs of Glory as rewards.


    Achievements will be linked to the characters, so each one will have his own list of achievements. There are also “hidden” achievements, apart from those that you may find in the list in the game menu. The thing is that you won't know what steps you have to follow to get these achievements. It can be anything, for example, killing a boss in a dungeon 10 seconds before the time is over. After completing it, an achievement will appear in the list in the game menu. Gaining such rare “hidden” achievement is a big reason to be proud!

    Will there be other rewards?

    “Signs of glory” is not the only prize you can get. After gathering a certain number of “Signs of Glory” you'll receive valuable decorative items: skins, costumes, smileys and other unique things that you won't get any other way.

    You will be able to see other player's achievements and compare them with yours in game menu as well. Also, in the nearby future, we are planning to add a possibility to add a button for quick posting them on Facebook.

    That's it for now, follow our updates for more information and don't forget to share your opinion!
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    BladeKil reacted to Zeusthegod in Amplificações De Itens   
    Não existe nenhum modo específico até onde eu saiba...eu coloquei minhas 2 adagas +9 com mais ou menos 10 sets (100 signs)....depois usei 40 sets e as "benditas" n foram +10
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    BladeKil reacted to iwan in Amplificações De Itens   
    Não sei se isso funciona não, mas, eu tiro todos os equips e quando amp de +4 pra +5 (exemplo) eu reseto o jogo. Bom, cada um com suas manias, pode ser que isso não sirva pra nada e eu sou louco mas foi assim que coloquei minhas coisas +9/Ì+10 hahahha.
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    BladeKil reacted to Prand in Amplificações De Itens   
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    BladeKil reacted to Exsodus in Qual melhor skill entre essas duas pra BD   
    I found both counter attack and shield is very useful for bladedancer but honestly I will choose counter attack.
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    BladeKil reacted to x in Qual melhor skill entre essas duas pra BD   
    Transformação Magic (escudo) é melhor. A propósito, combinando essas duas habilidades é poderoso, tentar comprar os dois.
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    BladeKil reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.01.01] Promo: 11 Holiday Daily Deals!   
    Dear friends!

    We are glad to announce you our Holiday Promo! Each day, starting from January, 1 till January, 11, you will be getting a 60% discount for the most popular items in Miracle Shop. Check our offers every day, to know what is on discount today!

    Best wishes and good luck!
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