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  1. how to be tough snorlar suit if there is no change to the side of the face but only show one face only when the suit snorlar there are 2 faces. :'(
  2. that not funny, alot ppl angry with that skill hope u can feel that
  3. please reduce the paladin skill because many players are complaining against the banner skill, should it not 7x7 but 4x4 like shaman skills eartquake that only 4x4. :facepalm: hope u can fix it now :cray: . thanks :give_rose:
  4. hope after update server become normal
  5. what bout BD's skill, they OP with shiled and why not rogue using shield not BD :facepalm:
  6. wew discount mcoin again :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. angien


    but why only ush shapphire?
  8. angien


    refoud bout?
  9. angien


    what happened today many lagg?
  10. why that set armor " onrecieve " not equip ? :wacko:
  11. u know this warspear :aggressive: not friendspear :facepalm:
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