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  1. wht about award from guild tourney, we'll get it lose or still avaible?
  2. dont forget roland to fixing BD counter skill, like devs removing critical damage at elusive jump
  3. Just imagine every bd use counter skill, he was quite silent and enemies who attack with or without using the full skill, skill nonetheless counter effect even capable of killing its opponents with ease. so that it is a problem not from other characters
  4. yes obviously was kept I had to compare, because bd have a lot of skill that produces a lot of damage, especially counter skill
  5. every clash have best skill, but it defend how to play of them, but the most OP skill is bd, event BD used COUNTER SKILL, last pvp with bd when i used skill counter got on me, like 900 counter dmg, i wish counter skill can be fix like devs removing crit at ELUSIVE JUMP.
  6. i hope so, i wanna joining new arena season,, ahihi
  7. isnt new arena season, just fixing many bugs
  8. why devs didnt fixing COUNTER SKILL on bd like u guys removed crittical damage ELUSIVE JUMP on rogue.
  9. byee snowy and horror, i've never got best drop from there
  10. nice extra date for this event, but any change with bow or cbow drop at mc side, bcos none mcs can use that wpon.
  11. nice fixing, but why dont fixing COUNTER skill too, or take back crit EXCLUSIVE JUMP skill on rogue ?
  12. one question for u devs, why u only increasing rate drop in elves side not on all side, bcos in last event many elves got many troll suit but in mcs only got 2 troll suits #thx
  13. buff reward for 1 day tht no more interesting
  14. nahh MCSAKENS no need that reward bcos only buff in a day , if CC reward maybe MCSAKEN will join it
  15. maybe 50-100CC reward its enought in every war
  16. let me guess, change war reward become Chirmson Corundum reward, dont BUFF like damage, resil and etc. maybe all faction want to join war if that reward is Chrimson Corundum, make this game become more interseting
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