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  1. Fine then... A 4/4 dmg buff... That doesn't link with any other skills dk has... People still want to nerf it.. Be my guest.... The same logic could be applied to banner at 4/4 eh? The thing is.. This skill is useless in pvp and is a pve based skill (lack of stuns if you donate sp to this) a pve based skill won't get a nerf unless it's horribly broken.. And by the looks of things.. Its just a damage and def up... I could care less.. Whether the skill got any changes..but pve based dks seem to like it....
  2. yes how did that pro dk do it? 4/4 satu 4/4 hurricane now what happens when you interchange skill points and see how you cant make an ideal build
  3. why was blades passive given a nerf? when a dual wield char with a on hit nuke was given it why was dk given this skill? because we dont have a straight physical damage skill other than hurricane tell me how im supposed to get bosses during farms i might listen to your opinion after
  4. 'OMG i saw the number 25% and i jizz hate on dk' no we cant couple that with a constant 1k damage output on hit (counter)
  5. yes a skill that requires 4/4 to be useful needs a nerf while a class revolves around stun in pvp or satu hurricane in pve idiots..dont nerf other classes if you havent played them
  6. What i think is Reflex used to slowly stack up before x3 times yeah? Now.. Whenever the rogue dodges an attack he gains one stack and extra attack speed
  7. reflex getting nerf pit getting nerf counter and blades getting nerf why
  8. where is the changelog? or post that talks about the nerfs..people are saying cs getting nerfed and stuff anyone have a link? or are they rumours
  9. Who's those blacksky person?... Let me fight him without armour ..... Won't even need effort :3
  10. Yes a pvp skill.. Dont forget about it ... Look at all the skills i named again :3
  11. Balance for what? You're a pve shaman forgot? Stop fighting +10 bds with pve gear
  12. If bd gets a nerf Heal/fire totem Reflex Stone skin Song Deserve a nerf... You want balance? Don't start with one class only
  13. You used a bad example Just say that a class is op only based on perspective.... Every class seems to have a counter balance class... For example... I can beat almost every single person viewing this topic in a pvp.. But that doesn't necessarily mean dks are op eh? Admitting the fact that bd requires a minor nerf.. I don't think they should change counter strike's damage... Maybe ham duration or something of the sorts since its a pvp skill anyway.
  14. Yes... Are there any thoughts going into reserve that we can be informed about.. Or would it be disclosed in the update..
  15. Be happy i didn't complain about bds... So yeah... Im riding on a 75% bet that there will be a change to reserve... Can i have a confirmation yes.. Or something of the sorts? Or shoudl i not get my hopes high?
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