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  1. No lag = no bug pos

    U seem always butthurt, means u lose often

    Maybe now u'll have 10% more chances to beat pros


    you talk about only bug pos and act like my other points dont exist

    dont talk from yer arse dude lol


    and yes no lag = bug pos iit seems, dot = bug pos a good player would know that


    considering you bring up the worst crap ever..id think you're below that of a standard player 


    test server up today yeah?


    come lets pvp

  2. Yes, you're right but for boss based fights reserve does well

    Even at the TP dgs most of your vampirism will be pumped into stats like block and parry unless you have massive hp and whatnot to power up that life steal...

    General labs dgs etc.. Yup Go for your build

  3. Yes... And read what the post is about @Majest a pvp class for a new person who's not an expert...

    If you have the gear and the money.. Go for sham, highest heal without any pre requisites

    The totem damage that melts hp and a quick distance keeper (blind)


    Yes log.. All shams ask for a stun so that they can use that stun and 4/4 totem and kill anything.. No matter what class... Sham doesn't need stuns nor any buff...

    Git gud

  4. there is this shaman named xxdeaathxx on US sapphire

    he'll show you how shaman is the strongest class in game :D


    Or even other good shamans in US sapphire like moneyrain mahdik buuu  and many more


    stuns are not 100% chainable and there is always space,,,,dont call your class weak/bad/needs buff if you're just slow to react, shaman might as well be the strongest class after this update. :)

  5. i pvpd dopknight once. i was first hit, unleashed full stun combo on him, he recieved only 200-300 damage. he stopped doing anything and so did i after awkwarldly realizing it.


    ALSO: noob, if you know pala well, you know he is very good as a tank.

    I see you use a 2h weapon, and then you are complaining about your def, and how rogues can 2 shot you.


    if you want to go tanky, go shield. also, with shield bash, and simple stun, it is quite easy to succeed when fighting. 


    dont tank something that hits the hardest on server 

    he is still a tank..lock him, keep distance nuke him and repeat.

    if you stand there expecting a win in a pure melee fight you will die


    silence exhale (let him use silence) shadow catch

    simple and elegant win

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