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  1. why didnt you accept my pvp offer on test :3
  2. best self claimed with an entire server who'd agree getonmylevelweaknoskillnoob i pvpd dopknight again
  3. pve try 3/4 hurricane satu and death call pvp try the og build (shadow silence) or 3/4 shadow silence reserve edit: aura to reserve..happy?
  4. could a moderator move this to the QandA section
  5. and yes i'm not in the position to call palas good or bad..esspecially considering half of the ones on US cant play A weak no skill dk i beat, yeah (his 'skills' were embarrassing when we fought lmao) ...i can technically beat any bd on server but besides the point never said bd still broken and shit...all i said is never bring dk into the broken op picture..they are just as strong as any other class. period. especially after the immunity skills and relics in the picture
  6. well more of the fact that coupled with massive damage output and almost similar stuns before you call a class op inn pvp of all things recall the fact that my stuns have a somewhat low chance to proc..and even lower when the opp has stat builds fine.....some classes cant stun as long..their on demand damage is much much more tho if at all someone compares dk to bd of all things in howw broken it is you just can't play your class
  7. yes i have a chance stun one fixed skill stun and one transition stun that's 1 second or less shield bash foj and harads call dont bs me...any melee can do what i do
  8. in pve they have higher demand than paladins stilll..since they have a higher damage output and ..largest area of effect provoke skill? in pvp every class is able to do what i do...get good yes raislin is right...bd isnt weak or even close.....but not broken op so no complains
  9. stop bullying? base damage is still 1k along with defensiveness of a tank OP still..not broken tho..so its allgood
  10. teamwork requires a team if you're an mc and spread this bullshit no team work crap and not the real problem (i.e overpopulation) which i cannot blame anything on other than sheer luck then delete your garbage char and play elf simple.
  11. did lab 1 sham today..with a pvp build new update made it easier to tank groups same could be said for pala i think
  12. dk should have death call barb should have warcry bd should have rush pala should have circle ball of provoke thingy
  13. hung and ownd are high amps 18s the other one no idea
  14. define not op shield life steal 1k+ damage output a better rogue? now bd isn't broken..aka all is fair
  15. so are you telling me dk isnt even in the competition? shhh..poley might want a cracker
  16. dps matters? burst skills are instant and rogues have jump merciless and poison lol yes ..if you use daggers and i use axes against a boss in pve you'll do more damage if we only use auto hits lol seen the tp axe? it has dext aka even devs are forcing dps classes to turn to axes and not anything less
  17. Lol bullshit.. Try pvping a lock dk bd or druid with good cd...
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