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  1. Mage's were weak as duck before. Just because you get killed by one doesnt mean shit. Mages are op in wars but what can they do if you want to balance the class for smaller scale fights as well. If you want to win against them spam damage skills on them. 


    i can beat any mage on US (kessler exception) but that's beside the point

    saying a class isn't broken just because they had a rough time in the prior updates doesnt excuse them from getting skills that help them camp mc t4 for 1 hour

    this is a war game and their aoe/stun bypass needs a nerf and will get one soon if it still goes on in this humiliating manner

  2. mot points agreeable but plz

    mage got what they deserve?

    several aoe with stun bypass is bs....aoe stun aoe dot aoe pos lock

    mages cant take down numbers without the any repercussions unless the said mage has low hp


    from an arena war point of view this is utter crap and deserves a fix if you play a mage or not


    meteor firecircle chains timewarp and on top of all that a (technically) aoe hex makes em a war mvp

  3. The outcome of wars has nothing to do with balance

    Don't even try balance a game based on events taking 2h/week

    Just change (or remove) this one-sided and boring war system

    See http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/55004-dominion-war/


    the outcome of war over long periods of time show a certain trend interlinkable between certain aspects like skilling and whatnot

    like ffs dude..warspear ....


    nerf call to how it was before.....reduce stun bypass time of mage....bd aoe stun (add restriction ffs..wtf)


  4. add priest's mystic mark in your list bro, it's AoE without clear limit restriction ;D

    still clearly remembered how elves cried so hard in the previous skill update, heal totem, absolute reflex, warlock bla bla ... MC op in war bla bla


    laughing so hard, because that time I almost create this similiar post :rofl: (somehow I could resist it)



    tell me why insta jump aoe stuns

    x4-5 aoes with a stun bypass

    again insta rush aoe stun (no restriction i assume)

    7 people song acttivation per druid

    is not broken when the other class barely has any aoe of their own....and if so are restricted (even tho they are 3x3)


    in a war game id assume action would take place against this bullshittery

  5. I'm pretty sure it's about overpopulation and good play, not skills. I've been in events with both sides.


    - All Mage's AoE got target limits, besides that some skills have the same characteristic with being only around the character which you complained about.

    - Banner and Call are restricted. Illumination same with Dk's Hurricane, with somewhat less damage and bigger radius.

    - Tears chance to hit only characters who are in fight with the priest and his party, technically, it is restricted.

    You're comparing from one point of view, mc one, as usual. You somehow deleted some of MC's AoE skills and compared to all Elves'.


    Do something about overpopulation? Sure. Make more ways for MCs to get through t4? Sure. Skills are fine till now.


    sorry didnt read this


    refer to my mage nerf post above

    hurricane is restricted and illumination is able to attack all with damage that reaches 800+ with fero hammer

    tears connect to all in party aka bd rush + tear = all hit


    no im speaking logically, when so many aoes are onn one side and these aoes are 5x5 and probably no restriction its called bullshit brokenery 

  6. I bet they have the problem of people crying about imbalance since the Legion faction was invented and still it's fine.

    On Us-Sapphire Legions won territories over the past 9-10 months. Did their population grow? No, same as with Sentinels. Population doesn't increase or decrease by winning or losing events.


    If Sentinels were benefited, Devs wouldn't have nerfed Counter Strike xD


    you assume the population hasnt grown


    Sithlords is the only level 9 guild on server making tremendous gp with leache blackpearl indoxxmc and horde following


    stop spreading bs and not facts

    these skills (harads call, illlumination, blazing ground, ennoblement ,shattered stone, harads banner, rush, tornado, fetters of justice, tear)


    harads call, harads banner (def reduce), illumination, rush, fetters of justice(not sure if already restricted or not, tear = add restriction

    shattered stone, tornado, blazing ground = reduce stun entities

    ennoblement = decrease time/limit amount of skill blocks

  7. This skill update is fair for all as if for now, overpopulation is a problem, that I don't know how to solve. Maybe limit war participation? Making MC's skills more OP again like before is a nope.

    Paladins have finally got a purpose now, and some people wanna nerf the only thing we got, AoE. plz :facepalm:.


    no stun restriction aoe with def reduce no matter what (pala

    x4 aoe on one char with stun bypass (mage)


    first war every mc participated and we saw how horrible it was, just because you see overpopulation doesnt mean its the only reason

    => reason behind overpopulation should be noted

    => sudden losses of wars and chaos event on all servers in a row


    when something needs to be fixed its to be done even if its the class you're playing


    before you comment crap read my initial post i highlighted every aoe with 5x5 rad no restriction  (aka bullshit)


    no 1v1 here, all wars

  8. Since i found no adequate area to put this in lets go

    recently the new update regarding the random chaos invasion was released and with the update came many changes of which includes skill fixes and what not that were extremely good on a pvp and arena scale

    but from....personal....constant t4 camp death experiences.....ive come to the conclusion that elves ..to be specific ...druids mages and paladins have gained a somewhat upper hand due to their ranged aoe


    now by this time you'd have already put that trigger finger on your keyboards trying to counter me with facts like lock has a aoe move set thats op af.


    OK, Lets count (keep in mind ranged aoe = aoe moves that have a 5x5 range / usable from a distance)


    lock = darkcircle and pool

    dk = ..... (only surrounding the dk = inability to use in war because of the impossibility of reaching mid group) death call (low magic dmg still not talked about by devs

    necro = acid rain  (only 3x3 space but i can let you people use as an excuse) panic = requires mid map aka same condition as dk and hence unable to use


    sham = (again..pos lock only 3x3 not supposed to be on list)

    rogue = ricochet (does not hit all, single time use) 

    barb = (roar is not lock or dot and even with restricted entity , so of the list) skill bypass, which reduces a lower amount of time than mage


    no 5x5 aoe or effective stuns. locks.

    reasonable ones to put in = darkcircle pool acid rain stunbypass


    now elfs


    druid = song (5x5) and ground roots

    bd = rush (no fixed entities gz devs...smartasses)

    ranger = arrow rain


    paladin = harads call, banner , illumination (no restriction wtf)

    mages = chains meteor stunbypass blazing ground timewarp  blinding fire (no ...restrictions)

    priests = harads tears (no..restrictions)


    14 aoe skills ...ranged/5x5/no restrictions


    I gave proof on post, I've given reason, formal reply from an admin appreciated with a reason or a incoming fix.


    + have this ss as an icing (elves had t4 for 20mins approx) 



    dont give us a deaf ear this time and to add,,this is not a pvp we're taling about...a basic fundamental of the game that has it in the name of the game itself 'war'spear


  9. if you want full blood pve try the og pve tactic XD 

    4/4 satu 4/4 hurricane


    if you have good lifesteal to start with pump skill points on silence (instead of satu...that 4/4 hurricane just too good) :)

  10. Well, I hit that bastard 190 with my +9 full ferocity mace with pdmg build without even Dark Shield reduction and he was using 2h. Don't expect too much, Maili :3




    well ...who knows eh? 


    besides US #1 is still there ill deal

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