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  1. Note to everyone.. Killing high HP bosses is so not worth it xD
  2. my op rogue in that ss scaredyet #1 level 1-20 rogue on server reks everyone easy
  3. hacked links from a person who got it from the game data aka yes no one has the lightbulbman engineer and other lightbulbman XD
  4. such a smartass err derr happens everywhere nahhhh its just the population in US .....god
  5. spawn (3 on mc) faceless (1 on mc) elm (0 on mc) nomarch (0 on mc) lightbulbman (unknown origin)
  6. fix aoe difference => dont start with the most broken one because its my class and we deserve it because we're so undervalued even after the new update (agro) and ability to use foj and banner without restriction in arena and pve give me a break, you're just being pathetic wow
  7. then what do you propose you open minded person? fix aoe numbers by keeping things the same? god...atleast make some sense
  8. define more op? a 1v1 class with lifesteal as pve support and stuns as pvp support (on a single entity) mind you i only complain when shit gets annoying in general like counter abuse
  9. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/55655-2-vs-25-kesler-skynete-us-sapphire/#entry991819 mages deserved this ....smartasses XD
  10. cried about a secondary buff and made the skill utterly useless lmao dk is strong enough when it comes to stunning 1 person...do you want r0land to come back here telling you that this game isnt about pvp? a stun based dk like me (max cd mana [guild buff]) cant simultaneously stun 2 players at the same time like palas and nuke em too so much bs to defend a broken skill set in a war game and you used to be against bds XD
  11. dont complain about palas? you guys got the new dk skill nerfed to such an extent its a waste of a skill slot...still have the audacity to bring this bs
  12. simultaneous dmg output and stun or increased stun rate at the sacrifice of a nuke ill take the latter and everybody else here would agree also Make banner how it was before.
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