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  1. look previous page xd :facepalm:
  2. Feronica


    :cray: :cray: I can't log my user now.. i try my second user and still same I can't login.. does anyone have this problem too? :fool:
  3. Feronica

    Forest Song

    just play shaman :wacko: solve
  4. :shok: omg omg omg omg omg :shok: omg! love it :drinks:
  5. I can solo sea,lake and gs with 2.1k def that is 24% with guild skill physical defense with 230 heal.. but beware u can't solo sun and moon,ancient armoured (aa) with 2.1k defnse that was 2.1k defnse!! :bomb:
  6. i like Spritual Totem skill.. spritual totem for shaman and spritual tree or tree of life or whtever for druid :P
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