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  1. Feronica

    new skill

    compare to other classes? no!! I don't think so :wacko:
  2. Feronica

    new skill

    I don't understand why this game dev make bd more powerful each update?? first a hamstring then a rush and BOOM!! a shield :wacko: all class game over.. :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:
  3. Mc Side 14/07/14-Light shamans camp-Hyarvard
  4. Mc side 12/07/14- berengers taracte 13/07/14- Armor Cliff, Hock'ap.
  5. yeah lvl 20 and 21 whats difference :wacko:
  6. bras,bikini n boots O:-)
  7. it hit all enemies within a certain radius :bomb: :bomb:
  8. pathetic level 21.. :aggressive: :lol:
  9. unfortunately,both skill is usefull :facepalm:
  10. this skill was perfect to detect rogues in 3x3 :blush: just put the poison skill to your rogue partner :blush: easy..
  11. also.. druid tornado allow u to push enemies toward centre ::) it was perfect! ;) for war :blush:
  12. Feronica

    New Expert Skill.

    new mage expert skill is so op :blush:
  13. good guide! thanks a lot :)
  14. when will they announce the finalist ? :mega_shok:
  15. duck im collecting 1000cc a year but guild tournament gives 10000cc a year for guild... unfair! :bomb:
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