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  1. yeah why not just make it to passive skill?
  2. OH MY GOD!! PLEASE DONT INCREASE STUPID PVP EVERWHERE ON AYVONDIL BECAUSE IT SO STUPID! I cant do my stupid tlalocs quest because of elf or mc blocked the ducking way xd ITS NOT FUN AT ALL!
  3. sun seal, harad banner, illumination and fetters? isn't that enough for paladin? paladin could heal 450+ and tanky.. am glad that harad banner are nerfed not just me te others too
  4. maybe they're frustrated because they lose many times doin arena? level up at irsenolt or swamp
  5. I ever duo with him vs 3 blade dancer in 3x3 and we manage to killed em
  6. I don't think so just carefull with high amped rogue..
  7. hollowen event coming soon and do it at first day of hollowen event..
  8. In a photo must be captured only a real landscape, a place or a building which are similiar to the objects in Warspear Online* oh yeah where can I find a building which is similiar to the objects like warspear online such as a wooden house and fantasies building?
  9. if both skill work on ally and self like soraka lol skill would be great
  10. this contest is like previous contest.. facebook again? and cheaters with thousands likes? not nice
  11. but earthquake is useful against melee fighter and tanker.
  12. this better ice stun slowing down all enemies movement?
  13. you r rite or only pros anf high amp can do that?
  14. totem for war and lightning shield for self protection.. lightning shield is better
  15. not just that skill.. also shatter stone and ethereal barrier.. mage is war like
  16. I've changed my mind.. the skill is very useful
  17. my build at level 22 1 ball 5 heal 5 blind 1 earth protection 3 earthquake 3 lightning shield 2 fire totem 1 ancestors hand i suggest full upgrade fire totem and earthquake
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