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  1. so.. level 21 and higher sell with higher price? and lvl 18 to 20 sell with lower price?
  2. at level 24 arena mage conquers.. like merliane and animagic both mage was strongest.. I lose because elf have crazy skill like secret link and valors aura which portect mage from dead and ethreal barrier helps mage a lot..
  3. lucky? 13 signs used I used 4 set and 3 signs from +1 to +8
  4. change my name shyvana or annie please ty
  5. +1 to +5 = 1 set +6 to +7 = 2 set total sign used = 3 set for +7 xd today I tried amp for +8 i used 1 set but insure
  6. Hassn show his weapons here :
  7. is this a joke? :'D new shman skill will be like -2 sec cooldown level 1 and it sucks and priest? druid has secret link! why priest also have 2nd heal skill too? priest and necro? why nt add 2nd heal skill instead giving necro a skill which is like warlock 'fear' now priest is perfect good job everyone just play priest
  8. Just wait for 2 expert skill more and you will decide which you pick
  9. lvl 23 0.01% percentage drop lvl 24 0.00% percentage drop no chance for lvl 24 get troll costume drop anyway cheers
  10. lol nice story but I don't care whatsoever.. I really want to read this story
  11. nice work! noob sentinels, learn from this guide pls
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