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  1. anyway.. how much cc costume cost? 2000 for 1 costume?? if devs do this ill be leaving this game and play other game enjoy!
  2. unless u max 4/4 expert skill
  3. I want to thank you to r0land for bann me last month.. thank you
  4. mage are good at crowds
  5. SKILL NAME : DOOM AREA: UNLIMITED ENERGY EXPENSES: 50% ( 1500) Necromancer cast doom on all enemies health below 20% and die. Duration of skill cooldown decrease with skill level level 1: 120 seconds level 2: 90 seconds level 3: 70 seconds level 4: 50 seconds
  6. i am very confuse with this quest so i decide to not doing it,thank you anyway
  7. wait and think, shaman can use only 3 expert skill but druid can use all expert skill for self cast
  8. 10000000 8 digit 10 million?
  9. not anymore priest have redemption which remove all negative debuff
  10. good guide but you can't bet +9 or +10 but only if you have good party and teamwork
  11. skill is very bad I thought effect is for all allies but no it could cast for one person only
  12. at level 1 only 3 secs and gives 10% cooldown .. yeah this skill sucks
  13. please don't give that much heals like secret link that heal to full health.. ty
  14. u LIED, necro is not scary at all..
  15. thank you so much moderators
  16. speechless? now firstborn and chosen class have their second heal which is INSTANT HEAL(secret link) AND REMOVE NEGATIE DEFUFFS(redemptions)
  17. you are right elves almost of them greedy.. druid and priest both class is op while necromancer get Weaker and weaker each update.. secret link need NERF like lightning shield skill
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