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  1. Rehgar, shaman rank 4. Looking for ppl to do "Six Shadows of Berengar" and "Gariel". message me ingame or through here :)
  2. lawrq

    Upcoming update

    1st. she isnt even point-eared. just compare her face to the ranger up above.2nd. mountain clans are not dark skinned like that guy. just compare to the rogue up above. they are definitely from another race. anyways, time will say who is correct. for now let it be. :)
  3. lol, didnt realize he was talking about tthe boss. Anyways, i would not attribue a non-noob's battle to luck. @topic: the stat i remember right now is my electric damage: 849 my hits are around 93~248 (auto shots and skill, crit and non crit) i will try to record a battle log later like palmore did, and will post it here
  4. i didnt get it? no blade dancer has killed me so far. and i dare any blade dancer rank 4 on sapphire to do it 1x1. bring it on :aggressive: @topic: i will share my stats and gear later when i get home.
  5. I would like to suggest a sub forum for each server. A section dedicated for players from that server where i (from sapphire) could contact another players from sapphire to (in example) do quests, buy/sell items. At the moment its confusing to find players/posts from a specific server. Leave ur comments of what u think about it. Thanks PS: Emerald players will probably say its needless. Thats because Emerald is probably the server with the highest population at the moment.
  6. lawrq

    Upcoming update

    just take a look at the homepage of the game, there are 4 characters there. We know well the ones at the top of the page, but the 2 others at bottom are for sure from new factions to be released.
  7. Mountain Clan na veia rapah! Rehgar - Shaman - Sapphire - rank 4 se precisarem de ajuda em quests eh soh chamar o/
  8. lawrq


    u just created a new spell. REVIVE on old posts! :rofl:
  9. If u dont have anything else to do, but wonder about the other classes, just start over a new character and find out. Sorry if i sounded rude, that wasnt the intention. But anyways imho, Rebirth could just be a shaman/druid cast skill to revive other players.
  10. lawrq

    smiles in the game chat

    you maybe, cause i havent.
  11. lawrq

    smiles in the game chat

    i'd say recode them, to make it easier (to remember) inputs. example: %) replace for :S =O replace for :o and so on... (just a suggestion)
  12. i believe that these 2 things would solve all the problem: first: mounts? second: summoning (as a shaman/druid skill?) and/or summoning portals like u guys said. would be awesome ^^
  13. i would say better, add MOUNTS! with a casting time, so u wont use it to "cheat" in a fight. :P
  14. eu to jogando no sapphire de mountain ^^ comecei há 3 dias :D - Cairne barbarian r3 - Omnitsu rogue r1 - Laur shaman r1
  15. About translating to Pt-BR; I approve the idea and im up to be hired for the project. I am brazilian and i would be proud to take part in it. This would attract many brazilian/portuguese players that cant understand foreign languages.
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