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  1. Por suerte tu país puede comprar Miracles y los volverás a recuperar en menos de 1 semana :crazy:
  2. Mi recomendación mas clara y efectiva sería: No confíe en personas que no conozca, y vea bien los números ':D
  3. Si ya tienes una buena cuenta en tu servidor, no vale la pena volver a empezar
  4. Sería muy bueno, pero como sólo los que tienen acceso a la compra de Miracles pueden ser millonarios, no quieren que nosotros tomemos nuestras propias vías de ganar Oro.
  5. Hello! Ask: Why the v.3.12.1 continues to maintain errors in the game since v.3.11? (Symbian): * Total disconnection of the game in areas such as Nortland/Kotaravva *Total disconnection to enter any PORTAL (Nortland/Kotaravva) *Total disconnect when using [Life Scroll] These total disconnections forced to leave the game and return to reopen Warspear. I hope you will check and get fixed. PD: I uninstalled all Warspear, clear cache, download and reinstall. But the problem still remains.
  6. Hi Warspear team I want to report an issue about Mcoins into my country (Bolivia) My country is listed to buy Miracle coins via SMS. But the problem is that sending the text message and I don't get the Miracle coins. ?? The message goes successfully, but the answer does not come. And my credit is not consumed. I'll show pictures of proof. I await your response Warspear Team.
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