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  1. "I prefer swords" Would of been the correct way to write that sentence.  I can tell your foreign because all foreign people say,  "Me walked me dog today "  instead of "I walked my dog today" .


    No offense just trying to help you understand your mistake.  Does anyone know why foreign people say "me"  instead of "I"?

    Me dont know :rofl:

  2. Add some if ya agree..

    -Unbind cost lots of mcoins still our Equips lose all charms and amplification levels.

    -Still no proper things to Time-pass besides Farm,War,Questing,Gp making for guild.

    -People still trading selling buying account.(worst problem for now in my opinion).

    -Lack of instruction when you start as a newbie.

    -impossible CL.

    And much more :(



  3. Yes for everything except the new parameter and it rules, winter and autumn costumes because we already have halloween and x-mas, T-shirt and jeans costume and exchanging outfits.

    Come on,Dont you wanna look cool?

    Maybe not exchanging system but making combos is fun!

    nice idea but i think that dev wouldnt agree to buy them 100-200 cc  :cray: :cray:

    This can be an other good option for CC we get out of the Tournament.

    Besides those expensive tourney outfits,This can be a good option for normal players.

    And it will make CC demand more.

    And more CC demand=More Competition=More Profit!

    So hope Devs would like it! :)

  4. Hello Friends,

    If you have noticed warspear has started lacking of outfits.There are many outfits in Mcoin shop but all are being old.

    So here is my idea,


    Seasonal outfits are the outfits which change time by time according to the seasons like Winter,Moonsoon,Summer,Spring etc...


    Special things about them!

    •They won't be rare or can't be farmed from bosses instead of it their will be an NPC Named 'Seasonal Merchant'.


    •This outfits can be bought with Crimson Corundum.Not so expensive,just around 100-200 cc (or its up to devs)


    •This outfits will have new parameter which is 'Seasonal'

    -Lets take example of Summer.

    -Our outfit will be a Funky T-Shirt with Jeans.

    -So,While in Summer the parameter 'Seasonal' will turn into grean color.Means you can wear it!

    And if its Red means you have to wait for a specific Season.


    •New Seasonal Outfits will come out every six months! And you can exchange your old ones for new ones!


    •Some outfits Suggestions.

    Summer = T-shirts,Jeans,Shorts etc..

    Winter = Sweaters with Hats,Santa outfit etc..

    Monsoon = Transparent rain coat!

    And so on.Comment below if you have any nice ideas about more Seasonal Outfits!


    *And maybe if possible we can wear our T-Shirt and Jeans(or any other seasonal outfits) individually so it would be more awesome to make some funky combos!



    And dont forget to share your opinion about this! :)


    3rd skill gives 3x critical damage insted of 2x.

    Got it,

    But I still dont like it because it will be to OP because normal crits are 1k and if damage will be amplified then 2k crits will be easy to achieve. And problem will be even worse on ranger and paladin.

    And yep i am a dota fan.


  6. Liked new concept of Universal skills!

    Agree with 1st and 2nd skill.

    Maybe 3rd need some modifications.

    Becuase some one have 30% critical then multiplied by 3 means 90% :crazy:


    And btw,

    Infinite hatred is like Nevermore from dota right? 8)

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