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  1. Assassins creed probably Your favourite characters from Assassins creed?
  2. VrockS

    Indian community

    What does that mean? O.O Seriously confused
  3. Button is fine for me instead spamable items from Mshop
  4. VrockS

    Indian community

    Try making a community thread in tavern,you'll probably find some
  5. Direct gold exchange is the problem i think Heres one normal example, While trading with unknown player you need to gamble 10-20k first to check if he pays back on other side.And even after it you cant surely say that next trade is going to be fine. So we need something official to trade from one side to another!
  6. What so ever,its suggestion to add a feature .And a feature like this could decrease spam of tickets in support as well as making players not to trust random players.So i am with it!
  7. Uhm.... Stay tuned Which warspear skill you would like to try in real life?(you can only pick one)
  8. Use search function before posting such topics http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=112989.0
  9. Mangos? Idk Iphone 6 worths sleeping outside the apple stores?
  10. A simple question about changing names, After changing name can i still login to forums using old name? Ty!
  11. Nobody said it doesn't mean that nobody will trade .And how you'll stop an account from being Traded/Bought/Sold?
  12. xD Heres one more combo!
  13. Yeah,They always just tell us to "Stay tuned"
  14. Think about the darkside "Sell premium account 1m" So no.
  15. VrockS

    Arena 5x5

    Try to come Us-Sapphire and you'll be addicted to 5×5 and will be missing 3×3
  16. VrockS

    Indian community

    Good thing about forum MC BC dont get filtered
  17. In-Forum, Technically system can't detect a word like "f***" so its not counted as an offensive word. In-game, Yes,They must add filters!!
  18. Why losing hope so early? They will do it probably!
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