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  1. Level 7-8 dungeons will have drops which can be equipped by lvl6?
  2. Omfg those hairstyles are sexy!! One question lvl7-8 dungeons can be easily done by a good lvl6? And a huge thanks in advance!
  3. Little bit of this suggestion has been suggested before, http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=108195.msg816925#msg816925 And I agree only with separation of guilds according to their lvl, Auto win is really op.
  4. Warlocks Dark Arrow is removed yet? Read it as Vag-in-a-dare and won't feel so vulgar.
  5. Is this about Top 10 rogues really? Or it is about who is best between Cybernem and Turtle♥♥♥♥? Stop it guys lol Btw,heres mine -Iluvweed -Boneshockr -Yanus -Risoka -Darkpainn -Cybernem -Turtle**** -Aureus -Twinblade
  6. Is this kind of testing or total troll?
  7. Class-Mage Skill Name-None really comes up to my mind please suggest -Mage calls down a mini Sun Guard to fight for him which lasts 15seconds. -Sun guard will fall down as a meteor dealing 50 damage in 4*4 yards.And will have normal 100 damage -Mage will lose some % of his mana according to damage done by Sun Guard. -Duration of Sun Guards life increases with skill lvl. -Skill level doesnt effect on its damage. Cooldown-50 second Mana cost-25? Feel free to modify
  8. VrockS


    Have you ever imagined how you will look when flying in 2D graphics?
  9. Mini things like this must be corrected before this game goes on Steam
  10. Dye for skins YES! I won't mind if we can dye our equipments too!
  11. I totally agree with it,And maybe if possible casters can use special shields called "Magic Shields" Which can help Casters get bit more physical defense? (Paladins/Barbarians/Death knights cant use it) What? Elfs isnt op enough now? And for what does "Major Attack" stands for?
  12. Your idea is cool, But Devs are working on something like this,So wait for any official announcement about it. And hope Devs dont release an item which we have to buy with mcoins -.-
  13. VrockS

    Indian community

    Indians will corrupt Mars Believe me!
  14. Hope we get wholenew user interference with bit better graphics
  15. VrockS

    Indian community

    India must care for their people instead Aliens & Life in Mars.Thats what all we need now!
  16. atleast it can beat Mario
  17. Both are suggested before and i would love to have them!!!!
  18. Skills will be a waste if we dont get the bonus after lvl12.
  19. For me i would love to see new classes in a new race instead of adding them into old elfs and mc. Adding them into old elf and mc will make crybabies "Elf op" "mc op" (Just like banner did)
  20. Towers we have, Random+Rare drops = Sh!t Tower we need, Rare drops but not random drop(random means cbow in mc,Healer armors on rangers etc) Hope it explains well!
  21. Make a "Top 10 per class" I dont made up a list in my mind so i'll add my favs later... Btw,lvl matters?
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