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  1. I had Green bunny equipped at that time,But due to bug the color of shoulder and legs is changed. And believe me its not edited!
  2. Yep,Someone said people had complaining about this since the Quake skill was released for shamans... Priests sometimes behaves same when try to heal.
  3. Its ok,But just please keep us informed with how much time is left?
  4. Update times are not fixed, Hope you know when they changed the host It took like 20 hours for game to become stable
  5. Please do a tell when done! I downloaded games 7 times in excitement without reading the whole topic
  6. What if you get in arena as lvl14 against some lvl15-18? Gameover! So No for this suggestion.
  7. How about, Making first skill book totally is free for each hero which comes with "Personal" parameters. And after first Skill book all Skill books cost 30k(With "None" parameters). Becuase its just impossible to buy those skills for normal player....
  8. + Luckranger Xxamitxx Spaceking Xracx (idk if he still plays) Hardisk Analyze And many more,Hard to remember all name
  9. According to CET(Central European Time) When then update is going to be released?
  10. VrockS

    Lvl 37 boots!

    Exactly! Now lock this topic before more ppl come and say "Omg where can i get that!?"
  11. Oh no its a new shaman named "Spoiler Click to Show/Hide" Amazing!
  12. Good luck for finding low lvl healers!
  13. Yes we need test dummies to save Rabbits,Jerboas,Chipmunks!
  14. Yeah need some twists in game now!
  15. Since low lvl dungeons are comfirmed we need this!!!
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