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  1. Ranger OP damage agreed. *But Not Everyone* Some rangers like me need to run.and in some situation(Especially at low hp) i hate to go near my enemy close as 2 yards and then my enemy gives me a *Death Kiss* :/
  2. Hi,Friends -As we all know rangers skill scatter shot is best for pushing n running away from your enemy -but it suck when your hp is too low that u can die in one shot at this time scatter shot suck cuz of its noob range of two yards -why we use scatter shot>to push n run away from our enemy right? -But when i use scatter shot my ranger goes in front of my enemy then pushes him -_- -Andd boooooom i die -So please increase the usage range of skill scatter shot -If u aggre > TY -If u disaggre > please tell why. Thank you! :)
  3. VrockS

    New skillz

    Hello, As a poor player i dont even got 10k n new skills are 40k :'( My request is 'please make it free for some days' :( So everyone can enjoy Pls pls pls
  4. VrockS

    New skills

    Make it free for some days :( even one day will be ok :(
  5. 50% people use 'Lag' as an excuse :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ;D
  6. What are the most common reason's behind a most hated lag????? Pls tell me :'(
  7. Agreed,They should make it like this,When our trading items goes more then 5 it automatically expands to more five slots n shows us a scroll beside :)
  8. Agreed,but for new players even dmg & def spheres are confusing and now they have third sphere [sphere of Accessories] so guess...... ;D
  9. Friends, In this game which moment made you laugh hard?xD Mine is, When i scatter shoted a lvl18 death knight in six shadows with my lvl15 ranger xD Tell me yours ♥
  10. Hello friends, I usally get bored after spending the five free daily tickets.And i am not mcoin user and dont always have enough gold to buy many sets of tickets.And it takes too much time to get free tickets again. So my suggestion is, ->The time of free tickets must be decreased to 1 hour or 45 minutes ->Or the amount of maximum free tickets(currently which is 5) should be increased to 10 or more. Please reply your opinions :)
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