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  1. Hello Friends,

    As we all know guild system is best communication in warspear.And if u have a lvl2-3-4 guild u can get benefits of Guild werehouse too.thats awesome.but there is a problem of players called *STEALERS*.They act like they are good player and works a bit to get Explorer rank.Then when whole guild (except him)is off he goes guild werehouse and clears all items.and when a other player or leader checks storage theres nothing left.and then no one knows who did this.and the real stealer hides between good players he act like he didnt.and at last leader have to kick all players.

    So here is the idea,

    I-Guild Transaction Book-I

    ->It will add option 'Transactions' in Menu>Society>Guild>Menu.

    ->And it records/shows all transaction(s) done by leader or members of guild.

    ->It can be seen by any guild member(newbie,explorer,heir,leader).

    ->But only guild leader can 'Delete' or 'Clear' this Information.

    ->Or guild leader can set time of 'Auto Clear' (depends on leader).

    ->It will record the smallest transaction even as 1g.

    ->For example:-  'Player vrocks has withdrawn 1000g from guild storage at 01:00pm on 14/4/14'

        It will show time and date as per users Time zone.

    ->though if stealers steals it will be recorded so one can warn other about him so he cant steal from other guilds


    ★With this system all guild leader will feel relaxed.And will be tention free of stealers :).


    I hope they add this or something like this In game



    Pls Reply if u have more ideas to add in this system.


    Ty if u like it. :good:

    if u dislike it np,but please tell the reason why u dislike. ;)


    Thank you! :drinks:


  2. -Will create huge problem like stealing boss,Evade boss so other pt cant take,spam same boss for days,same faction will fight to farm same boss:!

    -CL will be most hardest to do after it cuz farmers will spam all cl boss.


  3. Like ur idea-> 'monster drops gold'

    dislike -> differnt stats on every equips.Cuz it will create lot of pirce problem(s) -_-

    -> And then ppl will go mad after monsters and we wont be able to do even our dailies.this biggest thing poped up in my mind.


  4. :For sentinal:

    Paladin or mage for run to Khaz-mar

    Druid n Priest most important

    And a ranger to kill boss with high damage

    And mage can pull adds


    :For legion:

    Warlock or barb for run to khaz-mar

    necro n shaman most important too

    And rogue or dk can pull adds


  5. Guild tournaments are going little boring now.And it always passes without excitement n Adeventure.

    So here is the new idea,



    -It will be too much fun and very exciting cuz different realms will fight ♥

    -here Sentinal/Legionn guild not important just win for your server

    -And its inter server so the rewards must be *Differnet from oneohter*

    -To make it more exciting this tourny repeatation time must be long like 1month or more

    -it will go awesome if every realm try to prove their realm best

    -Every Realms know they are pro but its time to prove it!!!


    And no one will say 'NO' if they have to fight for their realm.


    ->If u have more awesome and exciting edits pls post them

    ->and if u dislike this idea so pls tell why u dislike it


    Thank you.:)


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