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  1. Lets say, u,ur brother, ur sister, ur younger sister,and etc, u r sharing 1 wi fi. So yall cant play warspear, with 1 wi fi, cause u will get banned? Very stupid rules. Thats how my account was banned years ago. I was playing 1 account with 1 device but with 2 IPs , wi fi at home,and at work, and i was banned for sharring accounts. Without sharring anything. Stupid rules. Very stupid rules!
  2. Sapphire is dead. Atleast the mc side
  3. Unbind scroll? I like it. +1!
  4. Elasiri. You Are Pathetic. You Should Delete Warspear. :)
  5. Let him quit. Do us a favor and quit elasiri. 1 crying baby less. Btw i tought u did quit like 2 years ago? And elasiri, just like i told u, and BennyBT told u.its not only about the amp of ur weapon. U need dmg rings, cloak,amulet, n they cost alot. N signs arent 5k. N they also cost lotta money for non spender. Its not a work for 1 day..boom u r full +10 just like that,with dmg items. U bigger noob then me elasiri, but u spent money n u think u own the world hahahahahaha Come on, quit,again. Do it :D no one cares.
  6. And lets do not forget ,u need very high amp weapon AND rings AND amulet AND cloak to do the 700 dmg right? So ,not anybody can do this right? I just think ela has been recently killed by Vla, and now he is upset hihihi And ela, urscrewed, only because u spent lotta money in this game,doesnt give u the rights to tell mods what changes to do ,,,,,do this do that or ill quit or ill not spent more money,,,, cry cry cry.
  7. Thata what i mean :pardon: :lol: :good:
  8. It was only a matter of time before pvpbaby to start crying...again :sorry: :cray:
  9. Oh 1 more crying mc baby.why u r not at eu server :sorry:
  10. Both classes can be ko by rogues gang ,if their def is low.between druid n priest,maybe i like priest more.but for pvp,u need high def,doesnt matter if u chose druid or priest I have druid,but only for farm.in arena,im feeling like a noob xd
  11. +1 Every char has good and weak sides.but is so easy to blame mods. Did i blame them for necro nightmare,rogues stealth+new skills.or or locks circles + life ex. Or or i even dont like rangers crit,blessing,n new expert skills,both...but did i cry ,,mods made them sooo ooop,,?no.because these skills makes them harder for killing.n what have a bd?harm?shield?oh pls,bd even lose dmg from 2nd sword/axe.and rush...that skill even cant stun every time.doesnt matter what ur chat is,if u cant play it right...thats ur own faulth :spiteful: .so.. Better blame u,n try to be better! Hey call me noob if u want..who cares..if this makes u happy :lol: P.s i cant comment new bd skill.i still didnt bought it xd
  12. U r fixing bugs every single day...is that game full with bugs,yet? :unknw: >:D
  13. BgVoin

    Awesome war !

    Need more wars...
  14. Oh..i love when mcs crying :wacko: :tease:
  15. BgVoin


    Gms,dear mods,why is no daily/blue/quests? Bug...again? :bad: :aggressive: >:D
  16. So... 3hrs?? Well for now 4hrs30mins lol
  17. Can some1 give me info for sonic boom,if some1 is using it?
  18. I think..if ws is a 3d game...would be great xd
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