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  1. Akasha, facebook is easy to be hacked. And yes, warspear support team is trash, they never help, i was banned for sharing years ago, because i was using 2 ips, at home and work, i gave all the info they asked me, and still account was banned for sharing. Do u know how many players are sharing their accs nowdays? If u need to ban all of them, u need to ban 90%+ of warspear players


    Do u want me to give an example from another game, happened few days ago? Friend of mine, quitted playing that game 2017 year, and he gave his acc to his friend, with the deal, do not sell anything that he has on, his items, but he sold everything for last 2 yrs, my friend came back, saw his ships are naked, he emailed the support team, proved that thats are his ships and etc, and he got full recover of all items and money, the way it was when he quitted, and thats happened 2yrs ago. 


    Warspear has trash support team, and idc if u warn me or whatever, its like i care, hey, ban my acc in warspear game, idc, i dont play anymore


  2. 2 hours ago, Lashabi said:

    Your points are so weak mate.... Everytime I saw him in-game cursing others in bad language.... A leader who never  respects anyone isnt a leader. And to talk about hacking, there are many old players whose account got hacked in the same way, then why vladeath's case is emphasized more than others?? You got hacked then report to support team (as what Higgings say Everytime).

    What i have seen is group of peoples always talking trash to vlad in world chat, and trying to provoke him 😄 even talking shit making fun of his health condition. but this topic is not about his or yours personal qualities, just like has been told

  3. 41 minutes ago, Reivenorik said:

    At level 32, all content for 28 will be available to you, except for the 4 difficulties of the "Tree of the Seasons" dungeon.

     I dont think lvl 32 will get drops from t4(90k, spider bosses). The boss lvl is 27. If im not wrong drops are getting up to 4 lvls difference, thats mean lvl31 max will get drops. But im not sure. 

    Great work on t5! It was alot of time waiting, but its totally worthy. The t5 area is completly new as an idea, and i like it! Npc are great, and hard. Still cant find the bosses, but their time will come too xd great job, thanks! Cant wait for the update to go live


  4. I had same situatuon like 5 years ago, and my druid was banned because of ,,sharing or trading accounts,, . I never shared any of my accounts,and i dont have any access to anybody else's account. I was just playing with 1 phone, but 2 different IP-s , wifi at home, and wifi at work. I gave any info devs has been asked me, including the IPs i was using,proving thats was actually me, but all of that was useless, and my druid kept to be banned. What i can say....... stupid rules, stupid devs. Like now, 90% of the players sharing their accounts, but they dont get banned, why? 

  5. On 7/31/2018 at 2:30 PM, Higgings said:


    Actually, I do not remember you ever went in dg with me, since you needed to run Easy-Hero entirely and you left our guild before I could even help you... I may be wrong, but in case, I'll apologize.


    When did that happen, exactly? 

     dont bring this on forum who left or why.

    But in matter of fact. I was waiting amd spamming for help..... 1 month.

    Forum is not the place to talk about that.

  6. 9 hours ago, Futsters said:

    Nah hunter already has high godlike DMG, it really doesn't need anymore

    Rofl if u looking for GODLIKE DMG, take a look on rangers n/or mages.

    Ranger is still the best dps char vs 1 target


    And the hunter has 3 dmg skills? Thats right. But only fatal shot is doing good dmg. 

    Pathfinder arrow is doin same dmg as my base dmg.

    Explosive arrow is doin not bad dmg. But its not so high at all. But atleast is doin 30% more dmg than my base dmg, not like the pathfinder arrow.

    Only thing because the hunter is a good dmger is the attack speed,lets be honest. But hunters arent the best n their dmg aint so high.

  7. For pve, fathfinder arrow not worthy the skill points. My opinion.

    Pve build: fatal 5/5 combat 5/5 stun 3/3 att speed 4/4 hunter mask 4/4


    If u want to upgrade pathfinder arrow. Better use the skill pts on explosive arrow. My opinion.

  8. 29 minutes ago, Higgings said:


    It has always been like this, while being in battle mode


    The only difference is that now, the LV4 passive guild skill's strenght is halved: from 30% to 15%. So now, you have "lost" the 15% of mana. As a result, you'll finish it a bit earlier than usual. But a good Energy Regen will sort out the problem. 


    Guild skills changes


    Guild knowledge: increased the amount of knowledge obtained by all guild members on skill levels 2 and 3 (15-25-35% -> 15-30-45%), increased the durability of the skill effect to 2 hours.
    Guild fame: increased the amount of Arena Points obtained by guild members on skill levels 2 and 3 (10-15-20% -> 10-20-30%).
    Guild energy: increased the additional amount of energy for all guild members on all skill levels (4-8-12% -> 5-10-15%).
    Guild Rejuvenation: now also increases the maximum amount of health points and energy of all guild members present on the location for 5 minutes (10-15-20%).
    Guild Totem: changed the radius of totem's attack depending on the skill level (5-5-5 yeards -> 3-5-7 yards), its positive effect now works on all guild members, present on the location.
    Resurrection: increased the maximum amount of resurrected guild members on all skill levels (5-10-15 -> 10-20-30), the skill now works within the whole location and resurrects characters in the location (including Dungeons and Castle Capture).
    Guild Fury: reduced the skill durability to 30 minutes.
    Guild Superiority: increased the additional attack and skill cooldown speed of all guild members on all skill levels (2-4-6% -> 5-10-15%), it gives no additional accuracy now.


    Important! The price for using all active guild skills now depends on the guild level: the higher it is, the more it costs to use a skill.


    Nowhere is said that is halved.

    and in the skill description, still says 30% energy regen


    something else is bugged. Please fix it. 



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