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  1. oh i know it now... if u really make a fool of ppl at arena, using nightmares... and if the effect of nightmares gone, start using expert skills and then runnnn forest, runnn... ;D
  2. oh i see... but if i did nightmare on ppl at the area of experts skills, is he wake up ?
  3. OMG :! need sacrifice on another skills. especially on nightmares. i need nightmares tooo :! hope will be more useful after MT :D
  4. really? can disable moving?? never try on arena... if really disable moving, oh my God it's very good skills :D
  5. really poor for experts skill at necro... WTF hahahaha
  6. i hope someone will post the differences between level 1 - 4 for each skill. :D let's rock !!
  7. really?? i don't think so... if u can make 1 stamina on "hard" mode, ofc u can at "normal" mode.
  8. all classes have a pros and cons. remember, necro require some hp if he want to heal or shield. :D
  9. based on my experiences, many ppl need item to unbind their equipment that was already used. for now, unbind can be used if someone have mcoin, not the items. better u create the item that can unbind equipment. i think, it's very useful. sorry if my english so bad. i hope u understand what i've said. CMIIW
  10. but no info about that. :D i found it when i check another games.. :! hehehe
  11. alrdy dude. :D make an events :pleasantry:
  12. just download at windows store, and then update just +- 250kb... Happy Playing for All Windows Phone's Users
  13. lol.. since 4th feb, still can't access WS from windows phone... if u want to update, please make sure it can be applied by all app. not like this. :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok:
  14. please fix warspear for windows phone... :bad: i want to buy mcoin :mega_shok: :mega_shok:
  15. symbian is done.. what about windows phone???
  16. working on WP or not? cause i already do this 2 times. and still got crash while open the app
  17. hey snorlax. please don't make a joke with it... all ppl want to amp their ring to make a strong char against magic. if healers got high amp for their rings and amulet, so their magic defense will high. but why the amounts of heal that they got will be smaller? not make a sense. amp weapon will be increasing heal and amp rings + amulets will be reducing heal? i never seeing this in another games. potion of health will be best of this matter. but how if in the arena? ppl can't use. all healers if got partner with high amp rings and amulets player, looks like a noob healers with small heal
  18. when for WP ? i still can't connect with my Nokia Lumia 520
  19. still can't login with windows phone... lol...
  20. before i got this bug, i already buy mcoin with same method. it's fine. no problem. but last night, something error with it. my balance gone, but i didn't get mcoin. oh my God. i use windows phone method.
  21. ty for the info.. i already did. for now, just waitin for their responses.
  22. please response as soon as possible. Sunday, 26 Jan 2014, at 02.00 - 03.00 +7 GMT, i buy mcoin with windows phone. but i didn't get mcoin and my money has gone. lol. please solve my problem with it. gimme back my money or gimme the mcoin that i've buy. i'm indonesian, i buy 1170 (include bonuses for windows phone) for Rp. 51730. my money gone and i didn't get the mcoin. how could it happened? please solve this problem. i need the mcoin ASAP
  23. i'm sorry, i find the thread of calculation skill after i post these thread. if 'Admin' want to lock this thread, with pleasure. :D
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