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  1. oh i know it now... if u really make a fool of ppl at arena, using nightmares... and if the effect of nightmares gone, start using expert skills and then runnnn forest, runnn... ;D
  2. oh i see... but if i did nightmare on ppl at the area of experts skills, is he wake up ?
  3. OMG :! need sacrifice on another skills. especially on nightmares. i need nightmares tooo :! hope will be more useful after MT :D
  4. really? can disable moving?? never try on arena... if really disable moving, oh my God it's very good skills :D
  5. really poor for experts skill at necro... WTF hahahaha
  6. i hope someone will post the differences between level 1 - 4 for each skill. :D let's rock !!
  7. really?? i don't think so... if u can make 1 stamina on "hard" mode, ofc u can at "normal" mode.
  8. all classes have a pros and cons. remember, necro require some hp if he want to heal or shield. :D
  9. based on my experiences, many ppl need item to unbind their equipment that was already used. for now, unbind can be used if someone have mcoin, not the items. better u create the item that can unbind equipment. i think, it's very useful. sorry if my english so bad. i hope u understand what i've said. CMIIW
  10. but no info about that. :D i found it when i check another games.. :! hehehe
  11. alrdy dude. :D make an events :pleasantry:
  12. just download at windows store, and then update just +- 250kb... Happy Playing for All Windows Phone's Users
  13. lol.. since 4th feb, still can't access WS from windows phone... if u want to update, please make sure it can be applied by all app. not like this. :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok:
  14. please fix warspear for windows phone... :bad: i want to buy mcoin :mega_shok: :mega_shok:
  15. symbian is done.. what about windows phone???
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