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  1. Himesed


    Hello and welcome to the forum :) . If you are new to the game and forum, you can always go into general section and check out tips and guide needed to help you out. Hope you enjoy your stay here
  2. 1-2hrs a day for now, don't know maybe if i get too involved in this maybe i might give more time to it ;D
  3. It has only been close to a week for me playing this game ;)
  4. Himesed

    Favorite Class

    As i am new i am still testing all the classes seeing which one suits me, So far i am enjoying rouge.
  5. Its just part and parcel of life, you have to deal with it. No matter how hard you try, you will come across scammers.
  6. It still has to come for pc right?
  7. I have a low budget phone which has ics, so i don't have much of a choice when it comes to gaming. Still i hunt for good RPG's and play em.
  8. Right now i am loving AC black flag.
  9. Its just been a day since i started playing this game, so thought of dropping in community to check for guides tips.
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