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  1. I must say at start... Snorlax or Kuzmitch or what ever guy is moderator dont delete my topic again, i am sorry if true hurts but its obvilious that u only care about money, and bcs money u destroyed 2 classes(mages and warlocks). Ok party of warlocks is still strongest, but mages  :bad: . They are useless now :facepalm:

    Before update, my +8 mage was beating almost any +10 shaman and druid, and lowest dmg i did on other players was on 1 bd when he sap me, and that dmg was 250, now i hit every guy, but belive me, every guy below 230, and how i can beat some shaman that heal 290,no metter he hit me 170 bcs my high magic def, i lose against him and he stay on max hp, i lose against +4+5 shaman too, if they have magic def ofc nvm if its low just if i hit them below 230 and they heal over 230 i cant even touch them. U AIGRIND team think that u fix that by increasing dmg of mage skills, but thats not true. US-Server is still prety much noob server, but soon people will amp their amulets and rings and mages will be class only for lab farming. I dont have some high dmg, 334 only, but before update i was hitting most of people 300++, now i hit mcs 300+ if they are lvl 4-10. I saw on RU server ranger that have 6.5k magic def, omg that is a beast :bad:  +10 shamans hit him 180, so i would hit him 130.

    I beg AIGRIND, dont ignore me, bcs this time i copyd this text and i will make new topic over and over again no metter how much time u delete it or ban me, dont be angry, i understand u guys are more and more greedy, and i know that people soon will must pay to download this game.

    U maked this game so only rich players can win, before high amp didnt have big role as your skills does, now its all about high amp.

    And pls, u retards that will tell me, hey amp your gear, stop crying, bla bla bla, dont even try that lol  :facepalm:

    Amping system after update gone to hell, my friend spended 60k mcoins and didnt amp staff from +9 to +10, so dont even bother me with noob comments.

    Even if i amp my gear +10 i will still hit some people 250, so ofc i will not do that.

    AIGRDIND team forget on money when u losing players, fix this, find other way to suck people money, or delete warlock and mage class from game, bcs they are pointless now.

    Cya and best wishes.

    Dont delete topic like last time, i didnt swear this time -_-


    im agree with u, rich player is a god now

    developer make this game for money its true, n we all player join this game for fun n hobby

    Please please please to GM i beg to u

    think about this update n please fix it n make balance between any sorcerers


    Sorry for my bad english language


    It didn't happen because of update, everything depends on your luck, you re just unlucky then. Your heal went down because you are low amped. For me it raised; i have more dmg and more heal and amp to +2 isn't lost, I amped my both rings to +2 without sign.


    yeah face factor n lucky factor my druid n priest lost amply ring n amulet to +2 :'(
  3. I made like 150k gold on this update bcaz of the sun magic items I got my hands on before update. You see Raguku? I am not buying mc, but I still am kind of wealthy bcaz I actually work for my gold, and find new ways of getting more.


    Yupz u are right bro

    but when the update begin u know norlant quest is hard to get reward

    in us i do quest in a week i collect 34 norlant shielding rune

    when all magic changed to one kind magic iam verry disapointed for my heal skill down 12% cos astral useless anymore

    and now when u amply to +2 is always lost


    Thanks to player who do quest n farm to be good player i honored to be know u

  4. Sorry but I hate people like you;


    The game is bugged after update because:

    - You re not dropping doom from every reward

    - You can't amp your weapon to +10 without sign

    - You don't have the best heal in the game when you have +5 staff


    Think a little about it; now u have more damage and still good amount of heal. You want more? Buy miracle coins or go farm. It's funny that people at their low amped chars cry that this game is only to spend $$$ on. (ofc at the +8/9/ it can be but no at +4/5)


    You know that when I was at 14 lvl and I wanted to amp my weapon, I didn't cry cuz it's impossible i just go farm. Of course I could buy mc but I have taken it like a chalange and believe me it's not so hard to farm daily items ~ 3-4k/h if you are weak - can be twice more or just go farm astral/normal bosses.


    Ahh but I forgot... You want to get 200k in few minutes every day... Quit game then and quit all mmo where you need to do something instead of waitting and crying.


    Its important to me n i know u hate coz my complain

    Mmo is a chalenge for player

    I ask to u best player is a good player or rich player bro? u know the player all over the world is many kind...from the rich to the poor

    If this update make u happy maybe u are is a rich man....please think a poor player like us? to get best item all we do all quest n quest...not like u buy n buy

    n more important questor n buyer who is more best in pvp ?? u can answer it i guees

    So i know fron now the gods player is i rich boy player


    Sorry for my bad language

  5. You got now high dmg and a proper heal. But I am aware that some people just wanna be high-healing.


    Use signs. That is how it is.


    Should everyone be able to run around +10?


    If you would get useful gear more often, the gear would be too common.


    to get high amply we need more sign n u know for get more sign we must spend lot of money
  6. My druid & priest heal point down

    Easy lost gear when up to +2

    Hard amply

    Swamp reward only norlant shield

    If this happen n not get change imeddiatly i think this game will lost more gamers n be dumped

    I think i will go to retired to

    cos i already spend lot of money for this game n im being bore for this update


    Sorry for my bad english


  7. If he said the ring was trash then why he offered 50G for the ring? :lol: he is just trying to trick you.Beware! :rofl:


    i not sell the ring to him he talk in chat im scamer so the people of mcs being blame to me they said im scamer f*****g id**t

    I dont know why he do this to me

  8. uhhhh its worth more like 100k. Of all the rings that  offer a 5% boost its by far the most valuable. 50 too low 200k too high.


    not 50k bro he offer 50gold coz he said the ring is trash......can u imagine that value :'(
  9. Dear ainar player


    I sell ice queen ring for 200k in mc side us saphire

    and then some player bioshockr offered my ring for 50g cos he said its trash

    then i answer are new player or try to cheat me?

    and then he speak in cheat i scamer n try to provokate other to ignored me


    i want to ask to old or pro player its true a price of ice queen ring 50g ?? thanks


  10. Raguku BD need more help of ur experience......

    For Pro player im need ur help to be come stronger like u

    This is a pleasure for mo to get more exp from good player like u are


    Sorry for my bad language

    Raguku (SangHiang)

  11. it seems that he says that he can give mcoins free only with id without password wich is completely false, if u give id with the password u get scammed n if u give ur id without password he can try to scamm u saying to support that he lost his password n u stole it so never give ur id or ur password  :snorlax:


    wow nice info bro


  12. Sorry... But mage doesnt have any stun... Stun is a skill which makes the opponent cant atk and use skills


    Raguku BD Lvl 20 Saphire 13 nov 2012 - now

    I agree with u

    Mage only make enemy cant move nit stun like lock

    And i think stun lock skill is too long

  13. Dont cry :lol:  (MC Side #1 pro) :spiteful: :spiteful:


    take it easy bro im will not cry...

    Im just tell what the players of elf tell cos they only talk no act

    I think gm little more pair please check the stun between mage n warlock its completly different

    And one think i really love n enjoy this game so i hope gm make new experience of new faction or something more than now

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