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  1. My bad, it came back after i installed from play store.. the direct download one from website didnt give notifications.
  2. No longer getting notifications on sold items after update.
  3. I dont seem to get notifications for dealer sales anymore(after update).. bug or removed? Can walk me through a fix if present?
  4. Devs this might be an odd question but can u confirm that basic lvl 12 gear sold by npcs will include bows and cbows on the legion side irselnort towns? To the players ,can someone please post ss of hunter experts or if someone has posted this elsewhere please direct me there, thank you.
  5. Seriously stop crying about mc getting stuns, all u can whine about is warlock having stuns already.. Guess what? Warlock is a caster with no heal.. It need the stun to stay alive -_- Ur faction has palas with aoe stun , druid with aoe stun, .. All mc has is warlock circle Mcforsaken needed a crowd control character like paladins and the devs delivered the end.
  6. Dedicated section for trading where player can create topics where potential buyers/sellers can reply and meet in-game. Bulk trades,expensive items,rare costumes etc, could be made less of a pain to sell/buy than now which makes u type in wc/tc indefinitely. This would also make the forums a bit more popular. *I do realize that theres a topic in tavern for this but no offense but making people use 'one' topic to trade and go through for potential deals is a shitty idea...
  7. Yea area chat works for a short while but my idea is for a more long term memory purpose. Yea pretty cool idea , a guild notice board will be nice.Could fill in guild rules and instructions Added to main post creditting you, hope u don't mind.
  8. Having it easy accessible is nice.. I cant use a notes app cause it disconnects me inagme and take a bit to reconnect ... Its not a blind suggesstion btw, felt i could take a few notes down many many times. In any case its a suggestion thats all,some people need it, some people don't. Nothing here to say 'No' at
  9. Not expecting a nerf, just hoping the future towns will be a little considerate...atleast not competitively hard than tp
  10. A 'Notes' section in the menu to keep track of small essential things u tend to forget/need to remember. Examples of use: -Prices of items/offers -Nicks of money borrowers/people you owe money -Personal targets like essenses/catalyst collection for craft Has endless potential and doesn't seem to be something difficult to implement, will be amazing to see in game Guild Notes ,suggested by Kimkaa:- Similar implementation of notice board for guilds.(Put it here incase people don't read his reply)
  11. I actually meant tp, spring is kinda possible if u understand and use minions pots, tp on the other hand has crazy gear requirements where minion and pots dont do much.
  12. Alteast if they get more, they wont hav outrageous prices..besides letting the +6-8 have a little chance at drop is always better than no chance
  13. Shouldnt heal crit based on the guy receiving the heals crit %?
  14. Just as how the dealers like to keep their clients confidentiality while trading right now, they would maintain the same while trading with the other faction. War is happening with all of Arinar involved, yet all warriors have free will, hence only fair that they would like to satisfy thier greed for gold by anonymous trading through the dealer who may supply the opposing faction. In the end gold is gold no matter how dirty. Besides the dealers aren't really the kindest of people, thier 10% taxation is alot for just being an anonymous middleman. Making them somewhat of a neutral smuggler would explain how the items can be baught from any dealer, and potentially explain gold and item flow between the factions.
  15. Daria :V 3 or 4 stats?? Rare or unqiue weapon?? Blue or purple link?? Sorry cannot check personally on test because iphone. :/
  16. The second hand dealers don't belong to a faction, they smuggle stuff.. Fair enough reason for a trade happening between enemies through a neutal middleman.
  17. So if a staff normally has 6% crit , these will have 12%? WAITTTTTT , by 'rare weapon' do u mean these will have only 3 stats and an empty box?(blue link) Or a unique weapon with 4 stats??
  18. Keep it realistic please... Target the dungeon towards +6-8 amp and see that the higher amps have faster runs, not like how it is right now(+10+minion+pots=completion). Tp dungeon drops are too monopolized , with the few parties (yes i mean few) that can farm it bluntly demand as much price as they will. Krunos was a nice dungeon, difficult but can take it slow and counter,while tp is just hell with insane gear demands.
  19. Common dealer will solve many problems, including balancing supply and demand
  20. Stop flattering urself ,its not like ur the only one who amps
  21. Amplifying is hard but not impossible ,thats not the problem here. Necros had around 2.8k hp max with hp set bonus, thanks to the updates hp has increased significantly so has hp drain, maybe its increasing faster than increase in heal , idk i wont do the math , im forced to use gear with no hp as set bonus in pve, and use hp bonus gear in pvp just so that i dont get 2 hit. idk what u got against low amps but this topic is not specifically about u so try to think in the publics point of view since it seems u have forgotten being a low amped necro (or u never were) and ur not capable to thinking like the common necro about that.. first of im not some1 who cannot amp , but then again im not some who has 100s of k lying around since i dont mccoin secondly , why should "I" try to balance the loss? Its a loss that no1 except necros have to face
  22. I suggested to use a shit staff since u were stupidly arrogant enough to not see the issue in everyone's point of view Ofc u have no problems using ur high amped staff cause it's faking high amped
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