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    Priskickx reacted to nabnecro in Druid Skills - Over Powered Skills (Unbalanced)   
    Secret link is op even on level 1. Compare secret link level 1 power/usefulness, with other expert skills at level 1.
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    Priskickx reacted to x6t3nc3 in Druid Skills - Over Powered Skills (Unbalanced)   
    Ofcourse i agree, its why i dont even use it. Its ridiculous. If i wanted to instant heal, i would have made a priest.
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    Priskickx reacted to Franguitoz in Druid Skills - Over Powered Skills (Unbalanced)   
    Druid now become a God?
    I think the GM had to fix it!
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    Priskickx got a reaction from Thiefmastr in Translation Document   
    I kindda like the idead, but agree with Roland that isnt that easy... I've worked on a translation of a manual from English to Portuguese, it have around 100 pages and believe me, is a pain in the A%$
    But with some sort of open document where people can access it and suggest better translations.... the problem with open documents is that they are also open to idiots that want to come and put wrong translations on it... 
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    Priskickx reacted to Emerald in Druid Skills - Over Powered Skills (Unbalanced)   
    Sorry, but 'war'spear is all about team pvp game. That's why they never add 1v1 to arena option. Also, the devs never the ones who created the pvp zone. The cave actually is a place to complete a quest. The players call it pvp zone/pvp cave because it's the best area to pvp without disturbances.Correct me if i'm false.
    Ps : There was a bat in the cave. But it had disappeared.
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    Priskickx reacted to sulla in Druid Skills - Over Powered Skills (Unbalanced)   
    More likely, you don't know what's happening, discussing random noobs who get killed that way, is silly.
    Try too jump a smart druid in stealth, instantly sleeps or root's you, now you no longer have a way to counter kite, if forest song works, poison will not be applied,
    rogue with good enough damage, will win, if forest song fails and the druid decides not to kite, otherwise druid has more of a advantage overall.
    you atk > he roots > you jump > he sleeps > he roots again (4/4 forest song gives enough time for cooldown to return) and nukes. (not counting the push back, which pushes you back 3 places, with bee's applied on the rogue, and jump on CD, that's another free kite)
    Forest song 4/4 shouldn't be so long for an AOE that you are able to root twice, reduce 1-2 seconds, while secret link shouldn't heal 4k in 2 seconds, that's the only problem with druid that makes them seem OP, nobody can justify a 2k! x2 heal on a class with 300 ticking heal, otherwise the class is fine
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    Priskickx reacted to Peter_Munk in [2014.12.31] Happy Holidays!   
    Dear friends!

    We've been working a lot on Warspear Online this year and we have made so many changes in the game! And while we all are waiting for upcoming New Year, let's recall the best things brought to us by 2014!

    A huge island of Ayvondil appeared in Arinar, players got new expert skills, new dungeons on native islands and a dungeon for guilds were created, crafting system became available, client for Mac OS was released and the total number of players reached 5,5 million people! Our plans for 2015 are even more epic, so stay with us and follow our updates!

    We wish you more fun, smiles and happiness! May all your wishes come true and we will try to give you a lot of vivid memories and surprises.

    To make holidays more enjoyable, we are starting a discount marathon from January 1 till January 12.  Each day there will be a new 60% discount for the most useful items in Miracle Shop!

    P.S. Warspear Online community managers and tech support crew are going on holidays till January 12. But don't worry, we'll come back to answer your questions and suggestions. Meanwhile, be polite, help each other and remember that there is a new pre-moderation system on our forum for new members!

    Have fun!
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    Priskickx reacted to Peter_Munk in [2014.12.30] Hottest Changes In Holiday Dungeons!   
    Warriors of Arinar!

    Good news for Holiday dungeons seekers!

    We've made some changes and now exploring them became easier and more beneficial!

    1. The amount of guild points for completing them been doubled!
    2. Required time for exploring Aquilon's (17 level), Ice Queen (20) and Ruberius' Hideouts (23) been increased from 10 to 15 minutes.
    3. We added a new reward for defeating bosses in Frosty Fang's Hideout (14), Aquilon's Hideout (17), Ice Queen Hideout (20) and Ruberius Hideout (23) - unique Serpent costume (main costume of World Creation 2013)!

    Changes are already available, no need for servers restart!

    What a time to go there! Take your chance and may the luck be with you!
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    Priskickx reacted to Priskickx in [2014.12.12] It’s dungeon time! Unique costume and more guild points!   
    WTF, I am not really understanding this Roland... I am lv24.. so I cant get costume? 
    Or I cant get it in some specific dungeon?? If so, which one??
    Thanks Buddy 
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    Priskickx reacted to Priskickx in [2014.12.12] It’s dungeon time! Unique costume and more guild points!   
    That's my guess too... but I am not going to spend staminas without knowing that
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    Priskickx reacted to Priskickx in [2014.12.12] It’s dungeon time! Unique costume and more guild points!   
    This shit about where drop and where no drop is just getting on my nerves... Just throw some cheap information on us 
    Changed a big event into a nightmare  
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    Priskickx reacted to Nosotraes in [2014.12.12] It’s dungeon time! Unique costume and more guild points!   
    Not for level 23-24? Well, I just leveled to 23 and no one wants me in their party so I don't have a chance anyway...
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