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  1. Costumes?? I'm talking about weapons and equipments
  2. If the Miracle Coin price for doing it make it worth, I think we have a shot.
  3. Everything I suggest I check first to see if there is none of it! Perhapes they use different names xd
  4. wew, great Idea! XD... Dev's this MUST be done please, 50% of my bag is fully with costumes
  5. Oh common... That's rogue only triunph and you want to remove that? WTF Remove healing option from shaman, druid, priest necro, ok?
  6. Here is my idea... We all know that when you unbind some item, you get the item down to +0 and lost all enchants.... that's a pain in the A%$# What if we have another UNBIND option where you can unbind it without loosing enchantmens and amp level? That option may gost MANY MIRACLE coins... like 5000 or something like that... I just think is a big loss when you unbind a +10 Weapon Fully great charmed Thanks all
  7. If we got 20/slot would be a good improvment... 100 or more I think is out of bounds! Good idea anyway
  8. Every update elfs get's more and more OP... that's why may elfs server are full
  9. Poison Blade is slightly good... I would kind agree if rogue was the only class that have this kind of skill! Barbarians, Pala (Totem), Shaman (Totem), BD, Warlock, all have same or similiar skill If we discuss that skill we must go thru a lot of chars
  10. What the hell, almost all elfs can reveal a rogue (Or another char using cap)... you also want a pot for that?
  11. Unless?? SO you agree that secret link is just out of bounds
  12. When I say 1x1 doesnt necessrly means PVP... we can face a fight in ARENA where stand only you and the druid... BOOM, you cand consider yourself dead... Also, Druid are So OP, that sometimes even if you get 2x against the druid, he have a high chance of winning.... I cant believe that people agree that all those op skills are NORMAL
  13. I think it's more from like0,01% up to 0,03% xd Just a Joke, XD the drop hate is really up... at least I've seen 6x daggers, 2x 1h Axe, Stick and Serpent on lv23 dg
  14. According to Dev's, this is not a PvP (1x1) game, so NO, they wont do that But I like the idea strongly :D nice
  15. Weapons Dies? Costumes Dies? wtf bro, are you with or against us... you gave to many suggestion on same topics which make a littler hard to understand... New classes will be hard to be created, but not impossible... There was another event last year when the game completed 5m players... I dont remember the event name... but it was similar to crhismas and hallowen... new costumes, skins, chests, etc....
  16. I think they must reduce the stun time of their skill... is too damn much time for a healer... it's just impossible to win 1x1... Just dont agree with that, I dream of a game where any fight can depend only on player skills and amplification
  17. It with same amp I loose, I wondnt be so mad... but, if you are higher amped then a guy and loose to him time after time... that's not fair.... need to be changed
  18. If you are in arena, all players dies except you and a Druid... Thats not PVP, and still you will loose.
  19. That depends on the device... when I play on my wife's phone (Galaxy note) the resolution is similar to the one that you've showed... But when I go to PC it goes to the one that EPiR linked
  20. I kindda like the idead, but agree with Roland that isnt that easy... I've worked on a translation of a manual from English to Portuguese, it have around 100 pages and believe me, is a pain in the A%$ But with some sort of open document where people can access it and suggest better translations.... the problem with open documents is that they are also open to idiots that want to come and put wrong translations on it...
  21. No Have you ever used Knowleadge pots? What about Gladiator's exilir? If yes that makes you lazy too
  22. I play in EU-Emerald, in all arena levels from, 19-20, 21-22, 23-24 (2x2 and 5x5) that's all you see, 1 pt wining and the other afk... guilds there uses this tool to get GP... specially on 5x5 It's quite expensive and make the ppl spend a lot of miracle coins! That's why, in my opinion they wont make anything to change that...
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