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  1. I didnt scamm that guy. He know that.
  2. Yes we had a deal, and he scammed me...
  3. Xanthouse scammed my elf account. Rangestf ranger lvl15 magestf mage lvl3 macestf paladin lvl4 bladestf bladedancer lvl3 druidstf druid lvl3 priest I forgot name :( Im ready to answer on any question about account. Thank you and please back me my acc. We have a deal that he need to lvl up all my chars to level 15 for 100k gold and he scammed me... :( I want back my account. :cray: :sorry: :cray:
  4. That is all my chars, I have 1 acc all mcs and forsaken chars and 1 acc for elfs and chosen. I real owner, all names finish with stf because my name is Stefan and many people call me stef abbreviation stf...
  5. Its and elf account My chars: Rangestf Ranger lvl15 Magestf Mage lvl3 Macestf Paladin lvl4 Bladestf Bladedancer lvl3 Druidstf Druid lvl3 I forgtot name of priest but he is lvl3 too... Im real owner and Im ready to answer on any question. Thank you. my name in game Xstefanx rouge lvl20 have all mcs and forsaken chars with stf expect my first char rouge. Shamanstf Shaman lvl19 Talonstf Dk lvl 20 Wlockstf Warlock lvl 14 Necrostf Necromancer lvl 9 Axestf Barb lvl16 Please help me and back me my account. Thank you again. :) :)
  6. Bladestf level3 Bladedancer Magestf level3 Mage Rangestf level15 Ranger I forgot priest name Level 3 Macestf level4 Paladin Druidstf level3 Druid I sent one ticket please read it. Please help me, Im ready to answer any question about my characters. Thank you.
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