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  1. Disagreed. Druids have perma stun/cc. Shamans have damage. Seems fair to me.
  2. Great! I cant wait to start. Variety of ideas... Excited nonetheless Me is intrigued, Especially for the prizes Goodluck to everyone that participates Out of the box thinking should earn ya an easy win Let the best man/whamen win Ducky
  3. You havent suffered as much as we did As far as I know it, in that one day I couldve gotten CD book or Elm costume or even earned millions of gold
  4. @Reivenorik Welcome Batman (late i know) Anywho how about ya make us all happy and leak some good update infos for us
  5. Ofc ofc def def agree. Itd be horrible but no no no moderator, you mustve misunderstood the beauty of this post actually wait “Like if everyone came here to complain about gankers” ofc! Thats it i should just go spam Instead! Brilliant! Now i see why you is a moderator sank you
  6. yes exactly that! Thank you for keeping up with the convo and noticing it
  7. Pfffff what do you mean what's the purpose pfffffffffffffffffffffffff.. It has absolutely no purpose feel free to close it but don delete
  8. its not everyday i get to see stupidi- (watching my “profanity” because God is good amen) get taken to a special kind of level. Story time: -Dodoki is idle in pvp cave -lvl26 druid switches to lvl3 staff -lvl26 druid attc idle dodoki -Dodoki ignores and just heals thru hoping lvl26 druid gets bored and stops -lvl26 druids begins to use skills -Dodoki threatend thus has taken action and attc bac -Dodoki wipes the floor with lvl26 druid -Dodoki goes idle and heads to make a sandwhich -lvl26 druid is mad and com gank Dodoki because it lost -Dodoki friend com help Dodoki wipe the floor again with the lvl26 -They succeed -lvl26 druid bring lvl28 druid to com help kill the 4’3ft lvl18 shaman -Dodoki gets rekt.. :( -Dodoki mad com back full pots *tune Eye of the tiger (epic music)* -Dodoki pew pew lvl26 druid -lvl26 druid try stun Dodoki but fail -Dodoki health at 5hp and bam! -*uses pot number uno* -Dodoki pew pew pew nuke lvl26 druid and leaves the game to go shame druid The end. Feel free to pm me in game if you want to buy the screenshots of Dodoki pew pewing lvl26 druid -Now Dodoki is on a lvl28 and a lvl26’s kos list. Because killing lvl18 is harder than you think (i kidd, dont pm me. I dont sell stuff, dont wanna get banned) But thanks to lvl26 druid, Dodoki managed to finish the (kill lvl18+ players) quest. Bless yuh (Buying bodyguards, because im pretty sure im gonna need a bunch of them to help me keel em, pm me in game kkkkkk)
  9. There is a lvl14 ranger from “Germanys” guild in eu.. Not sure of her name, probably the one youre referring to, if so then yeah I tots agree.
  10. Well rest assured, this topic is finally ded
  11. Tots get where you're coming from, but you'll just have to get used to it or try to. In as little as a week youll go back to being the pro you once were I myself tots kept dying simply because of the mass amount of misclicks (Made me rage) But it took a day or about 20pvps to get used to the new layout, best way to learn is to try over and over goodluck
  12. May take a while to get used to the new changes in le UI, but in a week or two itll become second nature. Lets just hope the mana reg problem gets solved ASAP. Otherwise ya'll gonna have to make sure you get a crit bonus on all your harmony crystal slots goodbye pene on rings (for now)
  14. Lmao where r the cool parts? xD i like how the video says u have been killed by Cardburn [14]
  15. As I said b4... Look for a diffrent to topic to spam ur complains in.. Yes I did make newbs to pm u.. bcuz u insulted me thn Ignore me... Why do u lie so much... Dude take ur lies elsewhere or pm and get whatever problems u have with me solved If u were mature enough u wouldve thought of it like tht.. but no.. U spam spam spam.. Do i have to teach u what to do? Please pm my mc char.. but dont spam.. not this topic..
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